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10-29-2001, 05:49 AM
Does anyone have more information on the copy protection method (or scheme, if you will) that the XBOX will be using? I have read that the XBOX will be using a protection method called "Cactus Data Shield" created by an Israeli company called Midbar. (link (http://www.consolewire.com/news/item.asp?nid=1800))

Since this technology has been proven in the past to cause problems not just with those of us who would like a backup copy of our expensive XBOX software, but also for those just wanting to play the disc in the first place, one can't help but wonder if this is a smart choice.

Also, since this is my first post on these forums, let me say that I'm a definate XBOX supporter and have no love for Sony. My current fav system is definately the recently deceased Dreamcast (RIP). I can't wait for Nov. 15th to get a chance to check out the 'box for myself.

So I ask you -- what do you think of this copy protection choice? Will it cause us -- the XBOX users -- to have troubles in the future with our expensive software? Let's hope not.

Please post your thoughts on this in this thread. I'm very interested to hear what you have to say about it. Thanks.

=w= RedFive =w=

10-29-2001, 08:04 AM
I gaurantee you that it won't be cracked! The setup is so strict, that the information on the disc can't be duplicated. As soon as the information is copied to another source, it's no longer the same as the original information that's created with Xbox hardware. Put it this way, Midbar's protected programs have never been cracked.

The only thing you have to worry about is trying to screw around with your hardware to try to play pirated CD's, which will be all for nothing. Btw, many foriegn countries have programs that are more advanced than anything coming from the US. MP3 tech is a good example.

10-29-2001, 12:12 PM
Funny, I remember the same thing being said about Dreamcast (my all time favorite system too).

10-29-2001, 12:44 PM
I think it's stupid that they put protection software on the games, why do I have a burner if I can't backup ther games?

10-29-2001, 01:12 PM
Copy protection is only what they want protected, a hypocritical fact, rember doom,how ID software advocated shareware of his product.that was to get his product out. When they feel they made an impact. They cry copy protection laws. And I don’t give a rats a$$ what you say or hear, no ones getting a free ride nowadays.

10-29-2001, 03:17 PM
Dreamcast's copy protection is pebbles compared to this. It's protection was soley dependant on it medium size, much like the GC. With Xbox, the information itself is locked in multiple levels of security. By changing one level to get by, you're affecting another.

Bottom line is Cactus Data Shield has never been cracked. Even if it is, each Xbox unit would require a major overhaul, and not just a MOD chip.

10-29-2001, 10:07 PM
I can't help but wonder, though...

The DC's copy protection was cracked by outputting the GD-ROM's data through the various I/O ports on the DC (Serial, Modem, BBA). Couldn't this potentially be done on the XBOX? I don't know for sure what I/O ports the XBOX has. Could someone enlighten me?

=w= RedFive =w=

10-30-2001, 03:29 AM
well, if they can press a game disc, there must be a way for others to do the same. it's a matter of money and determination, i guess...

10-30-2001, 07:54 AM
Or maybe an inside source, for that matter.

10-30-2001, 07:59 AM
Thing about the Dreamcast, is that they used it to read the discs, not to store information. Once data from the Xbox games are ripped onto PC, it's no longer original data even if it's an image, and will be looked at by the Xbox as pirated. Xbox code has these protection codes built into the games, and by altering them(ripping), the game will not boot. "Make a boot disc!". Well, only Midbar can provide the security code for the games. "Ripp it from other Xbox games!". There's that word again. When Xbox boots, it'll be looking for the security and the game code to properly boot the game. If it can't find the game, it'll reset once you open the tray to remove the boot disc.

There's too many security measures to pass without altering anything. It probably can be done with a lot of work and expensive equipment. Not only that, but they'd have to do the work on each individual Xbox. Don't expect to see piracy on the Xbox till about 2006.

10-30-2001, 01:06 PM
Since we cannot make "backups", will MS or the 3rd party software houses replace scratched media? Xobx is still to new to know if it has the same scratching problem as the PS2.

l Maximus l
10-30-2001, 01:10 PM
Some gizmo will come out on the black market. Though, I'm not worried about it. Just buy the games! They're worth it!


10-30-2001, 07:02 PM
You're right about that!

10-30-2001, 07:35 PM
*****...this system isn't even out yet and they want to copy the games....

10-30-2001, 08:25 PM
i suppose the cd docters that remove scrathches would work on xbox disks right???

scarecrow kfj
10-31-2001, 12:06 PM
The P2 scratched games when set up in the vert. stand. it was how the game was lying inside that scratched it. Copy games.. that just makes them more expencive when you try to steal/ copy games. I do understand back ups but Honestly I never have needed a back up. Treat your games with respect put the away instead of leaving them on the floor or tables. Dont use them for fressbees ( lol sp is bad in the morning ). They put the protection on there not to stop you from making back ups but from people making copys for friends. What would you do?

l Maximus l
10-31-2001, 01:01 PM
Exactly, Scarecrow...treat the games with the highest respect. Remember, all of the XBox games are precious peices of art...amazing material :D

Things not to do: Wipe your ass with them, play frisbe, or worst of all: Don't put them near a PS2 or GameCube console :D We wouldn't want to taint them now...hehe