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could sum 1 list sum good places for daedric stuff,like shrines and fortreses and places like that,

and could sum1 tell me where to find a daedric bow and errows at?

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dont worry guys i already found the answer at txb forums

so no need to answer now

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Get this. I had this list I had made of all the Daedric Armor and Weapons right, I found most of them on www.morrowind.com. The forums there. But anyway, I had a list..and I was about to post it here, but then my stupid computer froze...which means I lost the list. : (

And I don't remember where I found most of them...

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that would be sweet if u would do that alein

and i dont care about spam

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ohh right..............i dont really give a ****

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List of Daedric Stuff.

Galom Daeus, Entry - The boots are located in the same room as the vampire merchant Arenara. They are sitting on a shelf on the right-hand wall. Galom Daeus is the headquarters of the Berne vampire clan, and is located slightly southwest of Uvirith's Grave (the site of the Telvanni stronghold), which is located west of Tel Fyr.

Cuirass and Greaves:
If you have reached rank four (Mouth) in House Telvanni, you can get a quest from Therana in Tel Branora's Upper Tower. Talk to her, then go to the Tower of Dawn in Ghostgate. Ralyn Othravel is on the second floor. It is possible to pickpocket the bow from him, otherwise you'll have to fight him. Take the bow back to Therena and select the option to receive payment. She'll then give you a Daedric cuirass and greaves that have constant effect, 50 point feather spells on them.

Kogoruhn, Bleeding Heart - Kogoruhn is almost directly northeast of Maar Gan. The gauntlets are on the lowest level, sitting on a rock close to Dagoth Elam. Go through the Hall of Phisto, Hall of Maki, Nabith Waterway, Charma's Breath, and into the Bleeding Heart section.

Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa - On a shelf next to Orvas Dren.

Face of Inspiration:
Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk - Galdal Omayn, on the second floor.

Ibar-Dad - A cave that's located west of the Urshilaku Ashlander camp, and just southwest of the daedric shrine Assurnabitashpi. The Urshilaku Ashlander camp is located along the coastline northeast of Khuul. Proceed into the cave and through the locked gate. Swim through the tunnel on the left to find the key that opens the shrine, which is located through the tunnel on the right. You can also find the unique shield Eleidon's Ward mounted on the wall in the shrine.

Mammea, Shrine of Pitted Dreams - This cave, a Sixth House base, is located southeast of Gnisis, east of the stronghold Berandas, and just west of the daedric shrine Dushariran. Go through the Sanctom of Awakening, Sanctom of Black Hope, and into the Shrine of Pitted Dreams. The helm is in a trough at the back of that section. You can also find the unique dagger Fang of Haynekhtnamet here, and there is an ash vampire in the Sanctom of Black Hope.

Face of God:
Marvani Ancestral Tomb, Tukushapal, Sepulcher - At the Lizard's Head in the Telvanni Waistworks section of Vivec, talk to Ennbjof with a bottle of Matze in your inventory, and he'll give you the key to the tomb. It's located on a small island south of the daedric shrine Zaintiraris, which is just south of Molag Mar. The entrance to the tomb is on the southern end of the island. Proceed down the tomb, into Tukushapal, and then into Sepulcher. Once you enter Sepulcher, levitate up and to the right, following the hum of the crystals.

Face of Terror:
Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk - Enar Dralor, on the lower level.

Omaren Ancestral Tomb, Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard - The Omaren Ancestral Tomb is located on a small island just east of Sadrith Mora. It's next to a sealed daedric ruin. Proceed down the tomb into the undergound section. Next to a Storm Atronach there is a chest that has the key to the Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard. The helm is on a high platform in the northern part of the forge. This platform is directly above another platform that has a Dwemer Jinksword on it. You can also find the unique hammer Skull Crusher in an elevated chest in the middle of the forge.

Tel Fyr - Divayth Fyr.

Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa - Galos Farethi.

Galom Daeus, Observatory - In the room that Raxle Berne is in. Levitate to the upper area.

Golden Saints randomly carry them.

Ibar-Dad - See above.

Tower Shield:
Golden Saints randomly carry them.


I copied this directly from the forums at Morrowind.com.

This is not my work, it is a combination of several people's findings...

08-01-2002, 06:21 AM
Originally posted by halocombat4ever
when you tipe in spam that is spam you jack a##

really?! you CANT be serious...

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thanx alein thats very helpful:D ill have to go check those out,but would u or n e 1 else no where to find the daedric longbow

08-01-2002, 11:21 AM
The daedric longbow is found in the daedric shrine almost directly west of Maar Gan. You must levitate to the second level inside and go through the door into the forgotten galleries. Then, levitate once more up to the level above you and you will find the bow on a skeleton.

Hope this helps.;)

08-01-2002, 12:54 PM
this might sound stupid but how can if its a daedric shine or not b/c ive came upon like places that looks like it used to be as town or sumtin but its all broken down

08-01-2002, 01:09 PM
all the daedric places have that ghost town feel to them. Basically anywhere you see the crooked door dealie is a daedric shrine.

Correct me anyone if I'm wrong, but that's how i understand it (in simple terms)

08-01-2002, 06:14 PM
do they mostly have big building with no entrances?