View Full Version : What are these towns anyway?

08-01-2002, 11:12 AM
I have a sort of problem. There are these towns that are on top of platforms with one big building and a smaller building. One of these is Hlarmoren, which is southwest of Balmora and and north of Hla Oad I think. I went into the larger building at the town and people started running at me, trying to kill me. (Really unfriendly). First I thought they might be Daedric ruins, but I don't think they are. Could somebody tell me what these towns are and who they belong to?

08-01-2002, 12:16 PM
I can't remember what they are called exactly, but they are sixth house bases. I'm pretty sure they used to be dwarven forts or something, but it's all a little fuzzy right now.

Anyway, there are quite a few of them and no one there is bound to be too friendly with ya.

08-01-2002, 12:46 PM
They're Strongholds. Old Dunmer Ruins from the war with the Empire, I think. All sorts of enemies make their home their. Dagoth Ur Cults, Daedra, and Outlaws for the most part.