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I recently picked up a nice 36" Toshiba that displays my PS2 and DC games beautifully. Ive never seen a more pronounced green than the textured grass in ATV Offroad Fury for the PS2. It's awe inspiring. I picked up the unit at Best Buy for $800 for the simple fact of HDTV units are far too expensive and the lack of availability of an HD Signal. I don't look to see HDTV in my area for another 10 years probably :(
On the ATI note, I personally am hoping for some type of VGA connector to use my PC monitor for the XBOX and not just use the TV-in feature. With the LAN capabilities of the XBOX, I would rather drag my 19" Mag to lan parties instead of my 36" Toshiba :). Let's hope they make this type of peripheral available either from Madcatz or some other 3rd party.

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i agree with WWF : What?????!?!?