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08-06-2002, 02:19 PM
For those curious about when you will receive another email about the beta testing program dont hold your breath i talked to the trained monkeys at the M$ chat support and here is what i got:

( John Smiley has joined )
( Michael has joined )
John Smiley: Hi!
Michael: Hello and welcome to Xbox interactive online chat support! My name is Michael. How can we assist you today?
John Smiley: Well I was wondering when can we expect to receive a reply for the beta testing program after the first survey
Michael: Hopefully, you will receive a follow up email to this within the next two months. Beta Testing goes from August to October
John Smiley: ok
John Smiley: so that was it
John Smiley: from here we are just selected
Michael: Out of 100,000 gamers who expressed interest, we had to narrow it down to start with 10,000 beta testers in North America. This was a difficult task and we were able to narrow it down based on answers from a series of surveys
John Smiley: ok well thank you and do you mind if this is posted on a news related site
Michael: Not at all, John. Please feel free and thanks for asking.

So you could be selected any day now until October.

08-06-2002, 11:23 PM
well done, good info.