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08-08-2002, 06:26 PM
Hey I posted this on the gamefaqs board as well as Darock:

This basicly clears up the rumor and makes it true:

Here is a convo i had with a Xbox chat center person...My names Jeff but I changed it for this chat to Scott(i know i know you dunnt care but just lettin you know)

Well here is my full convo with them trying to clear up my prob but of course they couldn't help but ne way look towards the bottom of the chat to see what I am talking about in my Subject...

Support transcript from the Xbox Chat Center

Thank you for using Xbox Chat Center. Below is a copy of your chat session transcript for reference.

Note: Do not reply to this message. This is an unmonitored alias.

If you need further assistance, visit the support site at Xbox.com by going to http://www.xbox.com/support. You can contact us via chat or by phone. We look forward to assisting you again.

Thank you,
Microsoft Xbox Customer Care Team

Scott: hi
Patrick: Hello and welcome to Xbox interactive online chat support! My name is Patrick. How may I help you today?

Scott: I have a problem regarding beta testing
Scott: I signed up for Beta Testing July 8th
Scott: I recieved an email with a brand new survey July 31st
Scott: I mistakenly thought it was an email for people who had not yet signed up for Xbox live beta
Scott: I realized on August 7th that it was a new survey for me to take and not what i said it was on line number 3.
Scott: I answered the questions as quickly as possible
Scott: I find out that everyone who got the first survey recieved the second one which i have yet to recieve cause i was late on my answering on August 7th
Scott: I am wondering if I will get the second email with the new survey or if i was to late ?
Patrick: It may well be too late, Scott. The Xbox Live Beta registration is now closed. All Beta candidates will be contacted between August and October.

Scott: no i already registered
Scott: and they sent me an email
Scott: with their new surey
Scott: survey
Patrick: Well, then in this case hopefully, you will receive a follow up email to this within the next two months.
Scott: ok thanks,,umm do you know any place else I could talk to someone about this?
Scott: because i would like to clear this up
Patrick: No, I'm afraid not. There's no direct connection to the Beta Test team. In this case, you may just have to wait and see.
(here it is)
Scott: oo ok thanks, by the way is it true that they are taking in 5,00 beta testers at first and then a 1,000 more each week after that
Scott: 5,000
Patrick: That's correct, Scott.
Scott: ok thanks alot
Patrick: You're welcome!
Patrick: I hope that you have found our session today helpful.For your convenience and future reference, you will receive by e-mail a detailed transcript of our chat, including all site links. Thank you for using Xbox Interactive Online Support. If you need further assistance, please come back and visit us again.