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03-29-2001, 05:34 AM
Hi, im Anthony1. Im excited about a new console system like the x-box coming out! You see, im actully a lover of the technoloigie it self. The high tech market for computer consoles is in my opinion just taking off within the last five years. The progress is at hand! The future is bright for state of the art console game systems. The market is acctully going to expand after the console war plays out with two survivors. After those two the remainder of the less fornate companys will pull together to put their recorces together to fourm an alliance to compeate with the main competers. Well folks, im here to tell you its all one technoligie! Thats right, just different companys, different resepies. Your hooked just like me and the next guy. Its kind of like when i was younger, i whatched my favorite football team religiouslly. As i got older, i relized that i was'nt crazy about my football team, i just enjoyed football. I fell the same way about the technoligies with console gaming. I've played alot of them in my years, and can onstelly say that i got my moneys worth and injoyment out of each in every system i've played. Im hooked! And will allways be. Im looking foward to the holiday season to receive the x-box i reserved at my local Software etc.
Just another gamer!

04-05-2001, 02:23 AM
Welcome to the boards Anthony1!

04-10-2001, 12:22 AM
i also reserved my xbox at software etc.
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