View Full Version : Gun Metal Help!

08-18-2002, 06:26 PM
Got Gun Metal?? Beat it?? then help me... I can't do that mission "Hit and Run". its the one with the nuclear warheads..

I can destroy the first one with like 4 health left. then i go back to reenergize myself. when i got for the second one, i just get shot down.. When you go for the second one, you cannot destroy the "mines" from Mech mode cause there is that Lava that if you step in it, you die. if you fly to go and destroy those things, you will get shot down by those "mini-bases" hiding in ridges of the mountain. plus in the middle of destroying the "mines" your commander says that the nuclear warhead is launching, "Take it out!! Take it out!!" so once you hear that, you gotta go do a boost and fly to that thing, but i just get shot down to my death when that happens.

how do you do Mission 12: Hit and Run?? its frickin plissing me off!