View Full Version : Question for Lynxfx or anyone who knows about stereos

08-18-2002, 08:57 PM
i currently have a 400 watt 2 speaker system. i have 2 technic floor standing speakers, maybe a little over 4 feet. they are both 200 watt speakers. so my question is, if i get a new reciever, with say, an output off 100 watts a channel (assuming ill be getting a 5.1 reciever) Will these speakers still be good? will they not work to their full potential? would it be worth getting all new speakers (full 5.1 system), instead of paying the same price for 2 rear speakers, a center channel and a subwoffer?

some things to keep in mind

1. im on a budget of about 300 - 400 dollars.
2. it needs to be a nice system, or my mom will flip (she dosnt want speaker cables everywhere). and the 2 speakers i have now are nice (pretty).
3.I want the best bang for my buck, no matter how complicated.

So please, give me all the help you can.

08-18-2002, 11:27 PM
First, keep your technics. Build the rest of your system around them. No point in repurchasing something that you know you already like.

As for the watt ratings, I would take most of them with a grain of salt, especially on receivers. So don't worry about that with your current speakers. They have plenty of headroom for whatever you throw at it.

The best thing would be to find speakers that compliment your current technics, and that usually means more technics from the same model line. The center channel is your most important so don't skimp on that one. :) Take a look at the technic line and see what they have available and if they will match what you already have.

You might not be able to get everything at once especially if you account for the cost of a decent receiver. But piecing together a sound system almost always beats a home theater in a box solution and gives you more mileage out of your system.

Hope this helps some, if you got any other questions, let me know.

08-19-2002, 12:40 AM
is there any make, store, website, you could recemend me. ive decided to go all out on my stereo system, wait to get a better tv. And also, since this will be an expensive project, what order should i buy stuff in. i was think Reciever, center, woofer, rear speakers.

other things about my "setup"

.TV. 20" RCA tv with svideo

.Stereo. Equalizer, Turn table, Double casset player, 5 disc changer CD player, and something else that i dont know what it does.

.Seating. 10 - 15 year old HELLA comfy love seat. - middle of the room.