View Full Version : Start out with Good Armor

08-21-2002, 02:47 AM
After the guard lets you through the door in the begining of the game right after you have chosen your class and sign you were born under, get Forgoth's healing ring and then head back too the guard and cast destruction magic on him.

Each time you attack him he will say that he will kill you but you will be let off the hook because you havent been released yet.

Keep attacking him with magic until you run out of magic. When you run out of magic go too sleep to refil it and then continue the process. You will have too attack him and then sleep alot of times before you can kill the guard. When you have killed him take all his stuff. And because you havent been released yet you wont have a bounty.

I just discovered this today so if it has been posted already feel free to flame me:D

08-21-2002, 09:16 AM
That wasn't posted, but a glitch where you can get out of the courtyard without being released has. You will eventually need to get back in to get your release papers since you can't wait or anything to level up without them (from what I found). Your's is just another method of taking advantage of the programmer's flub. Nice way though of getting that armor!

08-21-2002, 01:37 PM
good find, last time I created a character I though about that but didnt bother trying.