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08-23-2002, 07:04 AM
Unprecedented New Mode Creates Universal Competition for Bragging Rights Through Internet-based Rank-and-Rate System on Segasports.com

Top Gamers Win Great Prizes

SAN FRANCISCO (August 21, 2002) - Who's got game? Continuing to tap into the emotional rivalry that goes hand in hand with SEGA Sports(TM) games, SEGA(R) of America, Inc. today announced the new SEGA Sports Challenge mode for its SEGA Sports 2K3 lineup of games. Debuting first in "SEGA Sports(TM) NFL 2K3," the SEGA Sports Challenge lets players measure how they "stack up" against fellow gamers around the world through a newly-formed online community that posts rankings on Segasports.com. In addition to online multiplayer gameplay offered in many SEGA Sports 2K3 titles, the SEGA Sports Challenge is taking the competition to the next level by awarding top gamers with great SEGA Sports prizes.

"SEGA Sports titles continue to push the boundaries of realism and with that comes a deeper level of rivalry," said Tom Nichols, vice president of sports marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "The SEGA Sports Challenge mode lets sports gamers put stats behind their 'bragging rights' and gives them a public place to show their dominance."

With "SEGA Sports(TM) NFL 2K3," gamers will be able to use the SEGA Sports Challenge mode to create a User Record that tracks their stats in offline Exhibition games within a multitude of categories. These categories will measure sport-specific indicators such as tackles, strikeouts and free throw shooting in both single games and via average scores over a series of games. Following the completion of each game, players will receive a unique Challenge Code that contains user data and their cumulative statistics. By keying in their Challenge Code at the Segasports.com homepage, gamers can see how their statistics stack up compared to other players.

The SEGA Sports Challenge mode will be available in most "SEGA Sports 2K3" franchises, including "SEGA Sports NFL 2K3," "SEGA Sports(TM) NBA 2K3," "SEGA Sports(TM) NHL(R) 2K3," "SEGA Sports(TM) NCAA(R) College Basketball 2K3" and "SEGA Sports(TM) World Series(R) Baseball 2K3."