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08-23-2002, 01:12 PM
Can someone who owns or has played Madden 2003, please tell me about the create - a - play feature. I have read every user review on this game (all 14 as of today), and none of them even mention this feature. Can you create your own plays? If so do they work? I remember when Madden football had this feature before, but it was very limited. Has this feature been upgraded?

My guess is it must suck, because no one even bothers to mention it.

08-23-2002, 02:14 PM
actually it's really cool.
you can create your own formations and plays for them.
you can also improt the plays and edit your teams playbook with your plays or plays from another team.

the actual create a play is very deep.
you can choose from any know routes (hook, post flag, etc) and put them at various lengths (5 yards or 10, 12, what ever you want), or you can custom create your own route.

I haven't spent much time creating running plays yet.

I play on a flag football team (played in high school) and will watch edge nfl matchup for some neat plays. Then I have to make them work for 7 on 7. Well, I took that old playbook and changed it back to 11 on 11.

one of my favorite plays is I line up trips right, single back, with a te split out left. I shift my TE to the line of scrimmage and the motion my back out to the left. My TE runs a direct path to the FS making him pick him up and freeing up my rb one on one coverage with a lb. The rb will run a custom outside slant at a very slight angle leading him to the back corner of the endzone. 9 times out of 10 the back can beat a lb coverage. I have my wide outs doing various patterns short in case there's a blitz on.

this game is very cool.

you can shift blocking assignments from the LOS if you read blitzes or if the d is stacked on your weak side.

i haven't played 2k3 yet and won't for awhile.
Once I get tired of Madden I'll go out and buy sega's.
That usually happens around x-mas time.

08-23-2002, 02:18 PM
oh yeah,
when you're making a custom route,
it's kind of like drawing and clicking with a mouse, but with your xbox controller.
you click on the wr,
draw the pattern to a point where there will be a cut or turn,
then you have a series of options like:
how sharp a angle to cut (45* or 90*) or if you want them to delay for a second or two. The options are deep.