View Full Version : Bah to this waiting!

11-06-2001, 12:37 AM
The hours seem like days drawing closer to the release date, like a lathargic snail with down syndrome.

8 Days, 23 Hours 30 Minutes and 18 seconds

11-06-2001, 12:39 AM
Now you just need to update your sig. every minute

11-06-2001, 01:07 AM
Originally posted by Jason-XBA
Now you just need to update your sig. every minute

I know, it's a pain, why even bother?

scarecrow kfj
11-06-2001, 11:25 AM
lol its almost just a week away... we could play hangman in the mean time... lol

11-06-2001, 11:43 AM
Just be glad your not buying a Gamecube, you would have to wait in agony 3 more days, lol.

scarecrow kfj
11-06-2001, 11:48 AM
Did anyone read that article on project ego? That game sounds realy deep. Bring up your character and everything in his life. what you do when he is young might come back to haunt you later on.. man

l Maximus l
11-06-2001, 12:38 PM
The hours seem like days...and the days feel like weeks...the XBox is all I can think about.........someone, PLEASE, get me a stray jacket! hehe :D

scarecrow kfj
11-06-2001, 01:52 PM
hey now your an all star get yo game on ..... well in a week get yo game on

l Maximus l
11-06-2001, 02:11 PM
I already have my camp gear packed in the trunk of my car :D It will be one long night but well worth it! I want to be able to say that I got my XBox the very day it was launched! :D :D :D