View Full Version : No Mercy

Side Effect
08-25-2002, 03:26 AM
I hope Anchor makes WWE Raw 2 somewhat like No Mercy except with a different type of season that'a longer. No Mercy was kind of weird at first, but after I started slamming wrestlers onto weapons and busting them open I got hooked, but I denied the fact that No Mercy was the best wrestling game to date, but after Just Bring It came out I played it and felt No Mercy just blew it away, but the bad thing about it was I had Ps2 and not N64 and I began to wish I still had my N64 that my mom pawned. I couldn't help it, but No Mercy was just awesome aside from all the glitches.

Halo Evolved
08-25-2002, 10:15 PM
Well, RAW 2 looks promising but I have no clue to the gameplay since AKI has rights to the engine in No Mercy/ Wrestlemania 2000. The 4 player Season mode in Raw 2 sounds really great so that more than one player can pursue a belt and season instead of erasing the previous game and doing their own thing. Using your own music in the game will solve the problem of the licensing with the wrestlers and possibly avoid another WRESTLEMANIA X8 experience. RAW 2 looks good with good character models but they still have not updated the moves like the STONE COLD STUNNER and ROCK BOTTOM still look flimsy like in the Original RAW and the animations on some moves were very poor.