View Full Version : Huge news!! Microsoft and sega disscuss becoming one company!! news inside!

11-06-2001, 06:20 PM
credit xboxgamers and me:)

A New York Times editor, wrote that there was talk about how Bill Gates and Isao Okawa, the previous owner of SEGA, discussing a possible merger between them. Plus there a discussion on the possible outcome of the upcoming MS console to be released…we all know what it is; the Xbox of course. Check out the whole story here. http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nyt/20011104/tc/microsoft_explores_a_new_territory_fun_1.html

11-06-2001, 08:09 PM
Those talks happenned a long time ago between Sega and MS and Sega decided to stick to being a third party developer, so the chances of them merging with Microsoft are slim if not non-existant.

11-06-2001, 08:10 PM
Sounds good to me if it does happen

11-06-2001, 09:04 PM
"Obviously those talks failed…"

credit you and xboxgamers? it was on fgnonline this morning...

11-07-2001, 12:56 AM
I have not believed any of the crap the NY Times has put out about Sega and Microsoft. It's a lot of BS.

11-07-2001, 09:23 AM
I believe talks may have happened, but it would make sense if Microsoft wanted to get into consoles, why not explore a possibility of working with Sega since they cancelled the Dreamcast. However, I think Microsoft is better off alone.

11-07-2001, 09:59 AM
Did you even read this ****ing article before you posted it? It specifically stated that they talked about a possible merger between Sega and Microsoft or Microsoft buying Sega outright. The key three words I think you missed iwere, "THOSE TALKS FAILED."

11-07-2001, 02:36 PM
However, I think Microsoft is better off alone.

...And miss the opportunity of partnering with one of the most talented game developers in the entire planet? Sega is a superb if not essential addition to the XBox. I mean come on, games like Shenmue 2, Jet Grind Radio Future and Panzer Dragoon have legions of fans following closely behind! Without Sega's support, XBox wouldn't have as many fans as it does now... :cool:

l Maximus l
11-07-2001, 02:36 PM
Dude, Sega is already making exclusive 3rd party games for XBox...lol

11-07-2001, 03:15 PM
I do think its important to have Sega's support for games, but I think its best that Microsoft didn't do some kind of merger, that wouldn't even seem logical unless the Xbox was a completely seperate entity than the rest of Microsoft. If microsoft just bought Sega outright and absorbed them, that would be OK. I just like the idea of how Microsoft having a team who envisioned what they want in the Xbox and build it from scratdch rather than have some other party say this is whats worked for us before and lets build from that.