View Full Version : Goin To Futureshop today....(help me)

08-27-2002, 12:11 PM
alright, i need your help on this one....i'm goin to future shop today, and i wanna know what new games are the best ones, and would be good to pick up...i've been checkin out Dead to Rights, looks so sweet, and i kinda want a football, but i have fever 2002...is it worth it??

Thanks for the help dudes :)

08-27-2002, 12:21 PM
In order of my personal Preference

Dead to rights
Outlaw Golf

08-27-2002, 12:23 PM
The more I play Dead to Rights, the more I want to recommend it. Definetly pick this game up, the critics really screwed up on their reviews for this game! There is nothing more exciting than having to take out about 20 bad guys in a small confined area and ducking half the time to avoid getting yourself shot up! As for other sports games, I'm not sure, I've heard that Fever 2k3 is the same as Fever 2k2 except just a little different. Nowhere near as good as Sega's 2k3.

08-27-2002, 01:35 PM
Buffy is a super sweet game. It has an awsome fighting engine.

08-27-2002, 01:38 PM
yeah, i really wanna pick up Dead To Rights, but i'm startin to think it would be a bad choice...because school is just around the corner....and i'll get distracted really badly, during the school year i play hockey like 8 times a week with the school and my regular AA team, then i have tutor twice a week, so when i am home i SHOULD be doing homework.....:rolleyes:

08-27-2002, 01:48 PM
Get Morrowind

08-27-2002, 01:56 PM
i'm probably one of the only people here that is planing on returning dead 2 rights...its O.k and fun to play for now..but i think the replay value will be seriously low.

i highly reccomend 2k3....its deffinately one of my current favs

outlaw golf is pretty sweet...but stay away from morrowind unless u have TONS and TONS of time and like reading alot.

also don't get fever...its the worst out of the "real" football games.

08-27-2002, 02:00 PM
I'd pick up:

Morrowind - long long LONG game

Enclave - (good) simplistic controls, great story, nice atmosphere

Dead to Rights - fun game, adictive, sometimes more annoying that a rabid weasel in your pants.

all in all...keep fever 2002 (that should satisfy your football cravings , at least for a bit longer) and save your $$ for one of the three above. You could even buy them used for a little cheaper.

Morrowind and the guide new would cost you about $70 new, but you can buy it used on ebay for about $45 shipped.

I have a copy of morrowind (instructions/map) + guide that I would sell or trade (I want Enclave)

08-27-2002, 02:32 PM
Moto GP
Outlaw Golf

All must haves!

08-27-2002, 02:39 PM
I have Enclave. I love it, it is a game that you absolutely love but it frustrates you sometimes. Definitely worth a peek. Mroowind is good but like DZNUTS said, unless you have lots of time don't get it. I once played for 3 hours straight when I was originially gonna just play for an hour. There are many great games, just rent one or read about some and find one that interests you the most. Don't go by someone elses opinion.

08-27-2002, 06:52 PM
well i went, and bought the High Defintion AV Pack for my Sony 51" Widescreen HDTV and i got Dead To Rights it's awesome!!

08-28-2002, 01:21 PM
id wait till october and november cuz thats when all the good games are coming out but a good one right now would be probably dtr:)

08-28-2002, 01:33 PM
Get MotoGP or wait for Sega GT 2002

08-28-2002, 01:53 PM
I guess you guybs never read the thread. He got DTR and a hdtv pack.

08-28-2002, 02:59 PM
No I think he should get DTR and the HDTV pack.................................. :rolleyes:

Actually DZNUTS I took DTR back and so did my buddy...not because of replay value but just because it felt kinda cheap. The movement and graphical representation is pretty harsh and the game feels like it had great ideas but they were thrown together too quickly.