View Full Version : What I would like to see in the next Morrowind

08-27-2002, 11:38 PM
I have posted this on the Morrowind review and would hope to see some of these come to life.

Ok here we go.
1. That freaken dirty disk message fix and fix it fast. this will hamper any furure purchases.
2. As I have stated I have enjoyed many Rpg's. Perhaps making it system link compatible. still giving us multiplayer while avoiding the costly Massivly multiplayer Rpg cost.
Having friends to help with certain things would be nice, not to mention the enjoyment shared with close friends, who by the way ALL OWN this game too.Sure you could make the creatures harder to kill for multiple people attacking it. or just one person who is creative in his attacks.Perhaps the ability to BUY your own house,keep or castle (leaning heavily on castle) Maybe owning a shop for extra $$
3. when you KILL a character make sure they stay dead. I killed one only to have him reappear later on asking me to help him with the same quest I killed him for in the first place.
4. Though I do Like having all those spells. Perhaps a way to drag ten or so spells that you use most or plan on using soon to and area where you can reach them quickly without having to scroll through 10,000 spells. ten ready to use spells at your finger tip.
5. Take the road of Ultima Online. Have Runes that you can Mark to recall to, instead of just ONE mark to recall to.You can mark as many spots as you have runes to.

6. If your going to have a sword that does fire damage, why not have a sword made of Fire (with,I dont know, Flames?)
7. And this may be pushing it. But once again using UO for an example. Let us have boats (that we can sail ourselves) to get around with. sure there expensive but worth it. And of course Horses and pack horses.
8. would be nice to be able to carry bags (containers) to put things in. and maybe be able to carry furniture so yo can set you home up the way you want it.like tables to set weapons upon for storage
9. This is really more of a question. But why have a lock spell to lock doors and containers with, if there is no one in the game who will still from you?