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click both 2 diff threads

save your money don t buy this game

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Wow, we get your point. It is a love or hate game. All of your posts have been about how much you hate Turok. Do us all a favor and be quiet. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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I agree with Scorpion, kevgt, shut the fook up!!!!

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prove that some people are just @ssholes by responding to this

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Hmmmmmm... I can play this game too..........

Okay, I picked up Turok today (had it preordered from GameStop) and played it for about 1.5 hours. Here are my impressions.

The Good: The graphics are really nice. The levels are big and have an amazing amount of detail. No draw-in at all that I can see. Tons of plants, trees, and wild animals roaming around (even killer monkeys). Everything moves realistically from the wind or you brushing past it. Good water effects. The sound is great, especially in Dolby Digital and the music is nice (though it does not change when you go into a battle). Load times are pretty quick and the save points between each level come at about the right frequency (pretty much the same as Buffy).

The controls are pretty much the same as Halo, so if you are comfortable with that, this will be easy to pick up.

It also really feels like a Turok game. I've played Turok on the N64 and Turok 2 on the PC and I'm a fan of the series and this one is so far just a bigger, badder Turok game. If you like the series, you will probably like this game.

The Bad: The story feels tacked on. There's a short cut scene at the beginning that supposedly sets up the situation but all of a sudden you're alone in the jungle with a bow and a tomahawk fighting dinosaurs and lizard soldiers, with no explanation as to why you're there.

It's hard to tell when you've been hit. There is a spray of blood right in front of you, but it's impossible to know if that's you or the enemy that you're fighting. Your health meter is too subtle. A couple of times I died and had no idea I was even close to being killed. Not much vibration effect on the controller that I noticed, either.

It has the same problems that every FPS does -- that is, your character can't seem to climb over an obstacle that is chest-high.

So those are my early impressions. So far I'm liking it, but I will need to get farther in to know whether it is a "keeper". It kind of feels a few years out of date to me, since playing Halo and Buffy, but I have nostalgic feelings for the Turok series, so that's not necessarily a bad thing.


I knew how good Turok 2 was and thought these developers could do wonders with a next gen system, and they did alot for the most part. The first level showed how much more "alive" each level is. Instead of just impressive jungle textures (like Turok 1 and 2), each level is completely filled with dinosaurs, crocodiles, deer, etc!! They react like you think they would..the deer are drinking from the stream, and when you walk toward them, they take off in different directions. Look up in the sky, and you'll see flying dinosaurs as well, quite a few of them. Across the stream, a triceratops is charging in circles, knocking down trees...its quite different than the previous Turok's almost emply levels between enemy fights. And instead of empty fields, theres a lot of tall grass and so many bushes, its a great improvement over Turok 1 and 2. And the enviroment reacts to everything..you can shoot down trees, the grass and bushes rustle when you hear a breeze....one cool effect is when I came around a corner in a dense forest area, saw bushes further down the trail ahead of me move, while I heard footsteps and that cool sound the raptors make....really does well for the immersion effect, let me tell you.

The flying level is early in the game, and I have to say it is AWESOME...you'll fly in dogfights, take out enemy ground targets, fly around trees and canyons, it reminded me of flying in Rogue Leader....really its that good! This is where you'll really notice detail in the game....blow up a transport ship while its in the air, and watch it explode, throwing burnt up bodies in all directions...I know it sounds bad, but its a real cool effect. The dinosaur your flying on has excellent animation and sounds....you'll be impressed, I was at least.

Now the downside I noticed so far, was a lot of texture problems in the early levels....noticed some "flickering", even tho the waterfalls look good, you'll see textures flickering, changing color etc. And a few texture glitches while underwater as well, I dont remember that happening in the earlier Turok games. Swimming and then coming out of the water is sometimes very disorienting..the textures of water and sky flip back and forth, I was like wow they could have fixed that!! And another first impression is that the enemy AI is questionable...... the enemies, dinosaurs, deer, etc constantly get "stuck" between rocks, cliffs, trees etc. And last but not the sound is kind of weird...I mean you hear the pteradactls in the air, the dinosaurs make cool sounds, trees rustling in the breeze, etc, which gives good immersion.... but gunfire, footsteps etc. could have been done better IMO...I use a subwoofer which pounds during Halo, but barely a rumble when playing Turok, alot of sounds seem "hollow" My first impression was "is this game even finished?", because Turok just doesn't seem as polished as I expected.

I havent played multiplayer, but to be honest I never liked multiplayer in Turok 2, so I dont think I'll bother.

I'm glad Turok came out in time for a 3 day weekend, I'll be playing it alot because it looks like it will rain all weekend anyway. The more you play the game, the more impressed you'll be (I'm still very impressed with the flight levels, you will be to). I just came around a corner and came upon a T-Rex eating a dead brontosaurus..its cool effects like that, that make you want to keep playing to see whats next. Slowdown plagues the N64 Turok games, but the XBox muscle is evident.....multiple enemies, explosions, dinosaurs, yet I've barely come across any noticable slowdown at all....a few times (remember Halo!!!), the game will stutter when loading an action scene thats up next, but thats about it.

I recommend fans of the Turok series may as well buy it, because the early disappointment will fade as the levels get harder, and you will be impressed and want to finish the game and explore the levels just like in the previous series. Anyone just looking for a fun FPS, may want to rent it first and see how you like it. But buying it and trading it in later for EB Credit for the fall games like Splinter Cell might be the best bet....thats probably what I'm going to do after I finish it.


When I first picked this title up I had lowered
expectations and after the first few levels I still wasn't
all that impressed...until the end of the first flying
level and now the canyon level. HOLY HALO! This game is
amazing. The weapons and very satisfying and visceral.
(kiddies stick with barney's backyard adventures). If you
liked Halo go get this one. Turok is very different in
tone, but the "feel" is similar. God, to think I almost
passed on this title.

My point is...... With every game, you will have people who love it and people who hate it and then theres the people who hate a game so much they will dedicate there life to show how much they hate it.*kevgt2000* THe only way to know if you will like a game is to play it...not test it.... PLAY IT.....

(example) I rented Dead to Rights.. Many people love this game... Me? I think the game is garbage.. I could of made a post and went into details about how the AI sucks or the combat is so worthless its frustrating.. and what is up with chapter 3??? What a joke...but I didnt.. You kow why... Who cares what I think..... If you are interested in a game... get a copy of it some how.. rent,friend and play it and decide for yourself...

Now.. You kevgt2000 just need to move on...im starting to think you have your own Dino killer game coming out and need to belittle the compitition.....Let me know when you game hits the stores. I will get a copy and play it.. Now.. Will I like it???? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm