View Full Version : Xbox Games in Cyber Cafes

09-03-2002, 05:26 PM
The competition in the console game industry is as heated as it has ever been, and to no one’s surprise, Microsoft wishes to do all it can to lure gamers to purchase the high-powered Xbox console. In an effort to stick to one of the key arenas Microsoft has excelled at over the years (the internet), Microsoft has begun research regarding online tactics beyond Xbox Live in order to increase the Xbox user base.

At this time, the Japanese market is apparently causing Microsoft the most woes as far as sales go. To better appeal to the Japanese gaming culture, and to appease Microsoft’s own theories that online console gaming is the next big step in gaming since the widespread usage of “3D,” Microsoft has begun studying the advantages of licensing Internet cafes (of which the majority use broadband internet connections) to offer Xbox specific games for usage at the cafes.

"The number of Internet cafes is increasing in Japan and demand for online games is growing," said Tomoyo Nakao, a spokeswoman for Microsoft's Japanese contingent.

Starting next week, Microsoft will make available two of their more popular PC games at roughly 250 cyber cafes throughout Japan. If “Dungeon Siege” and “Age of Empires II” both receive a warm reception in the eastern market cyber cafes, then the door may be opened for Xbox games.

I think this would be a good idea in the U.S 2