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09-04-2002, 10:12 AM
Review XGamingís XArcade
Reviewer: Rhyze
Product: XArcade
Developer: XGaming
Price: $149.95 (PC-Kit) $179.95 (PC-Kit + Game Console Kit)
First we want to thank our friends at XGaming for their review product.
The XArcade has the look and feel of a real arcade machine.
With its size of 24Ēx7Ēx11Ē and a weight of 12lbs weíre talking about a large control panel made for 1 or 2 players.
We have put it to the test with several games, mainly Dead Or Alive 3.
As for my feelings, Iíd rather play Dead Or Alive 3 with the XArcade than the regular Xbox controller, for me itís like going back in time, smashing the buttons in an Arcade.
With the weight and size of the XArcade I donít have to worry about holding a controller, I can totally concentrate on the game, the stick and the buttons.
The sticks are like the sticks from a real Arcade machine, they feel comfortable in my hands and Iím sure smaller hands will enjoy the same feel.
The coolest part is they even sound and work like real sticks and are powered with micro switches.
The buttons (20) are also micro switch powered and are identical to Arcade Style Pinball buttons. The use of real buttons makes replacement a breeze. XGaming told us that they can easily withstand more than 1 million presses.
The panel itself is made from high quality injected wood with a vinyl top layer which gives it a professional look, you can see that XGaming has put a lot of love into this design.
The XArcade is made to use with any system.

It can be used with separate adapters (XAdapter) for the Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast and Apple computers, the built-in adapter letís you connect the XArcade directly to youíre PC.
The XAdapter is even upgradeable to future Gaming Systems, the real strength of the XArcade is that itís fully programmable with 4 settings, the default setting is designed for M.A.M.E. (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator).

Programming the XArcade is child play, itís so easy and you wonít lose youíre settings because they will be stored in the controller itself, which makes it hassle free when carrying it to a friends house to play.

The XArcade doesnít need special hardware or drivers to work, the PC adapter is standard all the XAdapters are being sold separately ($29.95) or as a bundle ($179.95).
When you use emulation software to play arcade classics or replay game console games on your PC, donít worry that this wouldnít work, the X-Arcade has no problem with the emulation software.

Overall: 9 out of 10

Itís cool to see that the XArcade can be used on most popular Next Gen Game Consoles, the PC and Apple.
The $149 for this product and $29.95 for a XAdapter is a great price for the real hardcore gamer to be able to play at home on a commercial grade replica arcade.
We also don't have to worry about spare parts, XGaming sells the buttons and sticks separate on their site.

http://www.xboxusersgroup.com/siteimages/xarcade/xarcadetitle2.jpg http://www.xboxusersgroup.com/siteimages/xarcade/xarcade1-300.jpg http://www.xboxusersgroup.com/siteimages/xarcade/xarcade2-300.jpg

more info at www.xgaming.com

09-04-2002, 07:55 PM
its cool that they have the arcade stick, but doesn't it look like your gonna have to get close to the other person for 2 player battles??

I didn't read the actual post, so sorry if something like this was in there