View Full Version : Battle Engine Aquila (demo)

Afro Aura
09-06-2002, 12:27 PM
Just had a quick play of the demo of BEA and I have to say it's really Gunmetal in a different form the only difference is that you play in FPS mode in both plane and mech

The demo asks you to save the transports and destroy the enemy (hmmm I'm sure thats one of the missons in Gunmetal) anyway the graphic and sound are in the same league as Gunmetal, the controls for BEA are a bit like Halo with the Left trigger to change weapons, in the bottom right corner there is a map with blue and red on it I think the map is showing you how much land the enemy have (red) as when you destroy part of the enemys ships and vehicles it turns into blue (your colour).

so if you like Gunmetal and what to play Gunmetal in FPS BEA is your first choice

take a look (http://www.xboxmagonline.com/xbox/reviews/b/reviews-battleengineaquila.html)
My rating: 8/10:D