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11-09-2001, 08:15 PM
I have noticed that many of this sites features are being passed. So, I decided to make this post to notify people of other XboxAddict features!

The following are site features you may have missed:

1) Chat Room. The chat room can ONLY be accessed through the main page of XboxAddict.Com. You can no longer access it through mIRC and other chat clients. To access the chat room, input your site user name and password. If you are not registered with XboxAddict, you may leave those fields blank and you will enter as a GUEST. Although you can enter as a guest, I strongly suggest that you register so that people know who you are, and so that you can have a voice on the forums and the "Who's On" list at the Forums listing.

2) Forum Topic Ratings. This feature is very useful.....why it isn't used I don't know. This feature allows users to rate topics, not only to share their opinions about topics, but to tell other users on the forums which posts are and aren't good. Please try to use this feature more, as it points out the good posts (and the bad posts) to users on the forums.

3) Main Page News Comments. Whenever you see a news article on the front page, you aren't limited to just staring at it and thinking about how something in it isn't true or how some opinions can be proven wrong-you can actually give your thoughts about the article. To do so, just click the "Add Comment" button on the bottom of each article to post a comment, or click "View Comments" to view already posted comments. I also encourage users to view these comments, as they can sometimes be interesting views about the news.

In other news:

If you haven't noticed yet, yesterday was a big day for xbox. First of all, the Xbox commercials are now a common thing to see. As a matter of fact, if anyone watched SmackDown yesterday, they showed 4 variatons (Sunset, Hair, Kid-Adult, Clouds) of the commercials, and even had some "clumps" of commercials- 2 or more of the same commercials in a row. Second, yesterday marked the 7-day mark for Xbox. Finally, yesterday was also an active day for XboxAddict. Yesterday XboxAddict.Com raked in a new "most-user" record, 185 users on at the same time. Congrats to.....well.....us!

If you guys have any thoughts of your own, please reply! Thanx!

11-10-2001, 07:18 AM
I wanted to know why other ppl aint using the rating system either.......

....I just tried rating a few....it don't come up straight away ?!?

is that rite or is it just broke?

11-10-2001, 08:42 AM
Maybe you need to take a look at it about the chat room, but people can log in just without typing there nick and pasword and just hit the sumbit button and you can also just enter the room with an IRC client.

Just my $0.02

11-10-2001, 09:04 AM
Rhyze> You CAN NOT login using an IRC client.