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09-13-2002, 12:25 AM
i got this from a friend of my.
So what does everyone think?

A trusted old friend from back in the day wrote me this morning and gave me a rather intriguing piece of news. Kameo, Rare's next big release following Star Fox Adventures is running on Xbox hardware, and has been for quite some time. This qualifies as a 'rumor' until Rare officially goes on record, but there is little doubt to the validity of this news.

According to him, Kameo has been running on the Xbox for at least the last four months, which coincides nicely with when the whispers of multiplatform development became a full roar.

Now, this may not mean anything except that Rare writes pleasingly portable code, and maybe they were playing around with their Xbox dev kits. However, you would think that they'd be spending their precious time readying the game for the Gamecube... In other words, should this sale go through, it looks like we'll definitely see Kameo on the Xbox, much sooner rather than later.

Also mentioned were some difficulties Rare in sorting out intellectual property ownership. Apparently it's a big mess, with Nintendo looking to, or actually retaining control over many of Rare's franchises. We're working to bring you more details, since the situation is hazy for everyone involved, but for now, we'll speculate that the reason Microsoft is allegedly paying so much is to buy licenses and intellectual properties outright from Nintendo. I mean, Rare's building is nice, but not THAT nice. Half a billion can buy you a lot of programmers in today's wintry economic climate, and we can't help but to think Microsoft is paying for something more. Afterall, with DK clearly out of the question, what is Rare without Joanna, Conker, and Banjo?

As this story goes to print, we're contacting another of our sources who has more of a legal leaning within the company. With any luck we'll be back tomorrow with more. :D