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09-13-2002, 09:14 AM
Just goes to show you that for everything you read on the Internet, you can find another site saying the exact opposite. Personally, I think the deal will go down, but I find it interesting that the Nintendo spokesman said that they have had no contact from Microsoft or Rare as opposed to just not commenting on the issue.

Link (http://www.europemedia.net/shownews.asp?ArticleID=12567)


Nintendo denies it is willing to sell stake in Rare
13/09/2002 Editor: Cathy O'Sullivan
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Nintendo has denied reports it is "willing to sell" a controlling stake in UK game software developer Rare Ltd.

It has been speculated that Microsoft is interested in accquiring the game developer to enable the company to develop versions of Rare games for its Xbox console, for which none currently exist. A Nintendo spokesman said, hypothetically, the company would consider what to do with its stake in Rare if actually contacted by Microsoft or Rare, but there hasn't been any such contact.

Rare has created popular titles including the upcoming 'Starfox Adventures' for the GameCube, 'Donkey Kong Country' for Nintendo 64 and classic titles like 'R.C. Pro Am' and 'Battletoads' for the 8-bit NES console.

Nintendo owned 38 per cent of Rare's voting rights through US subsidiaries at the end of last March, but Rare hasn't supplied any software for Nintendo's Gamecube or Game Boy consoles over the past one year or so, the spokesman said.