View Full Version : Gamer of the Year... a tie?!

11-10-2001, 01:24 AM
well, the game of the year comes down to 2 games... Halo and Metal Gear Solid 2

and from the reviews, it seems like IGN thinks it's a tie.

The in-game cinemas could win an Oscar on their own. You could put this original piece of sci-fi up there with the best. 10.0

Gorgeous with an outstanding level of detail. You're looking at the future of videogames. 9.0

Great voice acting and authentic sound effects of creatures and vehicles that don't even exist are all exquisite in 5.1 or stereo. The soundtrack should be available in stores. 10.0

Best integration of action and story since Aliens and you control it. Driving element could be a game unto itself. 10.0

Lasting Appeal
Multiplayer options for days and the rollicking co-operative mode keep on giving when the main game is done. 9.0

OVERALL SCORE (not an average)


Presentation - 9.0
Graphics - 9.8
Sound - 9.8
Gameplay - 9.8
Lasting Appeal - 9.8

Overall - 9.7

(there are no mini write ups for each section cause it was taken from the IGN unplugged online magazine.)

well, it's a tie seperate... but who knows who will win when they are put up head 2 head?!

btw, THPS3 also got 9.7

(all the information was stolen from IGNs insider section. "IGN Inside. Information i would never pay extra for" :D )

11-10-2001, 01:35 AM
They gave MGS2 a 9.8 for Graphics and Halo only a 9? :rolleyes:

11-10-2001, 01:53 AM
maybe because MGS2 has a very high level of graphic interactive-bility...

like, you can shoot pipes and steam comes out of it... little things like this add to a games environment... but c'mon! Halo is built on environment! outside and inside... amazing features like waterfalls and "the best **** tree model in video game history" :D