View Full Version : Why Madden is actually better than fever!

11-10-2001, 02:48 PM
After playing fever I thought it was a great game wit the exception that receivers allways burn corners and never drop passes. not to mention running backs allways get open holes. And the terrible comentary! yes terrible! IF you listen carefully they say the same thing over and over just with different names like...

catch caught by: rice
catch caught by: moss

same **** over and over

Now the graphics are nice, but they dont move realisticly at all to me! alot of times they do stutter steps while running! weird. also the crowd looks like ****!!

Now the thing I love about fever is the create a player! Its perfect!

NOw for Madden
The commentary sounds so much smoother! alot more details! also the coaches move across the sideline and yell(unlike fever, they just stand still)
and it is so much deeper. also the dirt on players looks real. In fever it looks blackish, its weird.and the crowd looks better even though they dont move! now the create a player isnt as detailed and the stadiums dont looks as good but the gameplay is 10 times better! I think alot of you guys who think fever is so great have not played madden on xbox! yea the graphics arnt as close up (camera view) but they look better because each player looks like themselfs unlike fever. Madden is my choice sorry!

MAdden is just better in my eyes! I dont think fever is that wonderful Besides the graphics arnt that great. also the most annoying thing in fever is the al is terrible and yuo cant challenge calls!

11-10-2001, 03:55 PM
guess everyone agrees wit me;)

11-11-2001, 01:39 AM
What's the point in challenging a call if Video Games dont make mistakes like real refs.

Also, if the Fever AI is too easy, change the setting to the hardest.

11-11-2001, 03:02 AM
I haven't played either game and I question fevers realism.I have always loved madden,and unlike nfl2k you can't get 12 sacks in a game,and you can actually run too.Although I haven't played them,I have always found when I stray from madden I get dissappointed.Stick with the Real Deal!

11-11-2001, 06:42 AM
I have played Madden for years and it's time for something new. My biggest complaint: They always have at least one major thing wrong ie DB AI , Trade Ai etc....
They fix it in the next version(or try to in patch) but then the next version has a completely new problem that was not there in the previous version.
I like Madden a lot and give EA props for keeping the series alive. However what have they really done to take it to the next level in the past 5 years? New graphics and rosters. That's it.
That's why I am giving Fever the chance, as I have given Madden the nod for years, at least before,after but not too much during Front page Sports Football.

Maybe if Fever does do good and improves over the next version also, EA will get off thier butts and do some real improvements.
Then we'll have 2 great games.(Not to mention the hopefully great NFL2K2!)

11-11-2001, 01:21 PM
Originally posted by Infinite
After playing fever I thought it was a great game wit the exception that receivers allways burn corners and never drop passes. not to mention running backs allways get open holes. well maybe if you put the difficulty level higher this wouldnt happen...:D :p

11-11-2001, 02:58 PM
Ok... So I know many of you have mentioned this, but who has actually played Fever on a difficult AI setting? I had NFL2K for the Dreamcast, and the setting made a big **** difference. On the easiest setting, the recievers never drop anything, if the ball is near them, they get it. If I'd get far behind, I could always drop it into easy mode, and start dropping 50 yard bombs until I caught up. On the other hand, you put that on medium and it was impossible. Those a$$holes would drop everything. I'm just wondering if someone has played it on a harder level of difficulty and still the players catch everything.