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09-21-2002, 04:20 PM

Enjoy :D :D :D


Tokyo Game Show Montage Streaming Videos

Tokyo Game Show Montage Video 1 (mms://
Tokyo Game Show Montage Video 2 (mms://

Booth Closeups

Namco Booth Stream (mms://
Konami Booth Stream (mms://
Atlus Booth Stream (mms://
Microsoft Booth Stream (mms://
Taito Booth Stream (mms://

Tokyo Game Show Babes

Tokyo Game Show Babes Video (mms://

Roaming Reporters

Roaming Reporters Stream 1 (http://www.tokyo-gameshow.tv/variety/kom_bb.asx)
Roaming Reporters Stream 2 (http://www.tokyo-gameshow.tv/variety/hira_bb.asx)

Roaming Reporters Stream 1 Content-
[.Hack, Unknown Japanese GCN title, Ignot 79, Venus Braves, Konamie Booth, Capcom booth, Twin Angels Footage [XBOX] (mms://]

Roaming Reporters Stream 2 Content-
[SEGA Booth- House of the Dead 3, Super Monkey Ball 2, Konami Booth-MGS2: Substance, Genki Booth-Zero One, Epoch Booth- Virtual Bowling (comes with bowling peripheral), FAB Communications-Giant Gold Bar Demonstration (Weird), Namco Booth-Some Japanese Drumming title (Comes with Drumming Peripheral), Xbox Live Booth-Whacked (mms://]

New TGS Trailers

Zone of Enders 2 (mms:// [Awesome Trailer]
Silent Hill 3 (mms:// [Another Awesome Trailer]
Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance (mms:// [Good Trailer]
Contra Trailer (mms://
Energy Airforce (mms:// [PS2 Trailer, looks like an awesome fighter game]
Blinx Trailer (mms:// [New Blinx XBOX trailer]

All of the videos are streaming content, and i wouldn't even bother trying to connect to the links I provided unless you have some kind of highspeed Broadband connection.

If you are having problem with your Player make sure your Software Firewall isn't blocking that player from connecting to the internet.

If you only hear audio and no video, then download the latest DIVX Codecs here: www.divx.com (http://www.divx.com)

I will post more streams/videos as they become available.


09-21-2002, 04:36 PM
omfg, that silent hill 3 trailor was awesome!!!! thank you so much for that!!!! does anyone have any more info on the game, release dates, systems???