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09-22-2002, 04:39 PM
Back from conference, you won't believe the things I've seen!!!
The Gamestop store managers conference was awesome. It was like a better E3. This report will be alot longer than I thought. Forgive me if any of this is old news, I've been gone 4 days. The first night we got to meet the "King" Jerry Lawler. Day 2 of the conference was all Xbox. At lunch they showed us the Halo 2 trailer running on an Xbox debug kit, awesome!, and Project Gotham 2. PGR 2 is a LIVE ENABLED GAME! Project Ego is now officially called Fable. We saw B.C running on a debug kit also, WOW it looks so amazing! Then they gave us all an Xbox, that's 1,200, one for every store manager. What will I do with 2? Then we had little training rooms with publishers and vendors. I played Splinter Cell, Blinx, Panzer Dragoon, Brute Force, Toe Jam and Earl, Marvel Vs. Capcom, and Steel Batallion!!!!!!! I played every game I wanted except for Unreal Championship and Halo 2! And it's not counting the games I played for other systems later. Here are my mini reviews. Splinter Cell is amazing, there is a device called a distraction camera. You shoot it onto a wall, where you can watch enemies, it whistles to get there attention. When they come over to look at it, it shoots tear gas. Blinx is very cool, a very complicated platformer. You have to collect different time crystals in a certain order to get each time power, I didn't have enough time to get the hang of it. Panzer was super sweet, looks like it will not dissapoint! Brute Force is looking great, I can't believe they need time to tweak that game! Switching between the four people is great! The co-op mode is very cool. Start single player, hit start on second controller and BAM co-op in progress! Toe Jam and Earl, I didn't play enough, but it's cool. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 will be on LIVE!!!! It looked and played perfect! Can't wait to play it online. PS2 version won't be online
And finally, Steel Batallion! It's only $199, and it's so worth it. It took me and 6 others surrounding me to figure out how to play it. It brough me back to a time I forgot, when I could really escape into a game. It will take about a week to get the controls down.

If you have any specific questions, please ask. Bear in mind, I only played them for 5 minutes tops!

Well, I guess I know where I'm getting a job.

I, too, would like to know how the Splinter Cell AI reacts once it's seen you.

The AI in Splinter Cell was good. When they showed us a demo, the enemies never did what they wanted them to. Much to the upset of the programmers. I got spotted very easily, the controls were tough to master in 5 minutes.

And if anyone doesn't believe me, call your local Gamestop and talk to the store manager. You have to wait for them to get back though. Everyone flew to Dallas for it, and I'm a local so I just drove home.

The AI remembers you from room to room also. I didn't get to see how long they remember you though, but they programmer says it will last a while

Ok so the AI is cool what other cool effect on splinter cell did you get to see.
Spaceghost acctualy got into trouble for his posts.? Jeez the posts were realy cool as well, What happened to him.?

I can't get into trouble, I'm supposed to tell people what I saw.

The guy from Capcom told me Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 will be online.

The graphics in Splinter Cell were amazing. The light and shadows looked so good it was insane. When in the thermal vision mode, dead enemies slowly lose heat.

Getting an Xbox shocked everyone, no one expected it. They showed us Halo 2, PGR 2, and B.C. then said thanks and pulled a curtain and we saw hundreds of Xboxs. Every manager will be praising the Xbox now. They also gave us 5 games. Guess what Sony gave us.... a shirt and a hat. Cheap *******s!

I didn't see any multiplayer in Brute Force except co-op, and I have no clue about system link or Live. They said it was being delayed to deliver the best experience. Each of the 4 characters each have different skills and abillities. The chick can turn invisible and has stealth kills like in Blood Omen 2. The dumb guy can fire weopons with both hands. I only saw the monster looking character for about 2 seconds. You can also change characters at any time. The co-op mode is awesome. While playing single player, hit start on 2nd controller and it's co-op. Then unplug it and it's single player again. Not sure if it supports 4 player co-op, but I think it does.

managers conference...hmm.

What Gamestop do you work at? That way I know where to buy all of my future Xbox stuff.

(You are giving deals to TXB members, right? )

Superdud- Right now I'm working in Rockwall. In about 2 weeks I'm transfering to the Funcoland in Plano.

As far as Toe Jam and Earl, I didn't play it very much. Only about 2 minutes, then the trade show closed. I didn't say much about it because I didn't do anything besides jump on a tree with TJ.

I forgot, I also saw and played Mech Assault. It's really sweet. Besides other mechs, there are tanks and helicopters. Only played it for about 5 minutes and I died. Next!

I also played alot of games for other systems. I wasn't going to share but someone asked. Zelda is amazing, graphics are insane. Screenshots don't do it justice. Metroid is freaking psychotic. Just wait til you see him turn into a ball. Classic metroid music too. Rygar is very strange. His weopon is very cool, the environment gives a weird desolate feeling. I liked it. Shinobi was ***, except for his scarf. I didn't even play it. I really wanted to see GTA: Vice City, but it wasn't there.

Best game of show- Steel Batallion. It made me feel like a kid again, that sense of awe. The contoller is a little intimidating though. I didn't think agree at all with what gamespot said about it. The game drew me in even though I had a crowd around me.

richxbox- If you don't believe me, call your local Gamestop. I couldn't get all the managers to lie for me!

On Mech Assautl, is it just liek Mech vs Mech like a fighting game? or is it like OXM said that you have to build a base and such like C&C

I didn't see any base building. I can't confirm nor deny. I ran around a city, blew up a building with chain guns, blew up another mech, and killed some tanks then I died.

Can you expand on why you though Shinobi was "***"? Also why is Rygar "very strange"

I'm not attacking you, I'm just curious because right now those 2 and Vice City are the only PS2 games I'm looking forward to and it would suck if 2 out of the 3 weren't that great.

Don't get me wrong, Rygar looked and played great. The atmosphere was very foreboding, desolate ruins with monsters. There is alot to the diskarmor I didn't pick up on in five minutes, it's very fluid with different attacks. There are small worm things and huge monsters with clubs that smack the crap out of you. Alot of the ruins are also destructible.

Shinobi was right next to Tecmo's booth, with Ninja Gaiden's trailer playing. There is no comparison. If I hadn't seen Ninja Gaiden, I would have thought Shnobi was cool.

The Tecmo guy said they were going for a teen rating with DOA:XVB. I asked about a topless mode. He said he didn't know. I also asked him how they could put a nude code in a teen game, and he said "We did it with DOA 2. The ESRB didn't like it."

Tenacious dave, could you please post a miny preview of splinter cell, Like what you had to do, and the controls. Yes the controls what does each button do?

Thanks in advance.

I can't post quick enough. LOL. The controls in Splinter Cell were somewhat complicated. If I remember right, the right trigger was fire, white or black was inventory, A was arm yourself of disarm yourself. I really can't remember, I only played for five minutes. Buttons also had multiple uses, A would also pick up dead bodies, and X would search them for items. In the area I played, there was a computer terrorist I had to sneak up on. I was very clumsy with the controls, so he saw me. It then told me to subdue him before he launched a cyber attack. I ran up on him and grabbed him by the neck and put a gun to his head. In a video I saw a chinese slaughter house. That's where the programmer showed us the distraction camera.

My mini review is contained in this thread... Awesome. Totally Awesome!

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