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09-23-2002, 10:01 PM
This is for those who are new to the game not sure which one to get or not sure how cool it is. I like to view them anyways because it teaches me how to pull insane combos.

Gameplay Movie (http://media.shoryuken.com/mvc2/shgl_mvc2_0525/jose_combofiend_3of6.zip)
Combo movie (http://media.gamecombos.com/features/hiryuv5.mpg)
For whoever said I was bull*****ing about the 380 hit combo, well there's proof, in this movie the guy does a 136 hit combo and you told people there's a 99 hit barrier. Once i find the 380 hit combo movie I will post it. Also the 380 hit combo wasn't done in training, it was done in gameplay.

Gameplay movie (http://media.shoryuken.com/cvs2/SHGL_06_29/combofiend_valle_4of5.zip)
C-groove Combo movie (http://media.gamecombos.com/cvs2/gcc-cvs2-c1.zip)
A-groove combo movie (http://media.gamecombos.com/cvs2/gcc-cvs2-a1.zip)
Combo movie (http://media.shoryuken.com/cvs2/xerocrew-cvs2vol3.wmv)

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09-24-2002, 03:17 AM
The important question...

Is MVC2 for Xbox in any way different from the Dreamcast version?

Tony Soprano
09-24-2002, 06:02 AM
graphically.. i dont think either of these games will be different from the dreamcast counterpart.. but even on dreamcast.. it wasnt exactly groundbreaking.. that wasnt the selling point for these games.

the only difference will be that these games will be online.. with the exception of cvs2 which has got some sort of new 'noob enabled' feature which makes moves **** easy.

i'll be getting it, no matter what the games look like, the gfx were fine for me on the dreamcast, they'll be fine on xbox, i cant wait to whoop some butt online.