View Full Version : Do you guys think M$ will announce Rare Acquisition in Seville tomorra?

09-23-2002, 10:39 PM
Microsoft now look certain to buy UK development studio Rare, although Nintendo appear determined to make the purchase as awkward and long-winded as possible.
According to a report on GamesIndustry.biz, it is now looking increasingly unlikely that Microsoft will be in a position to announce their new ownership of Rare as originally planned at the X02 event in Seville.

The main sticking point is said to be an argument over who owns the various intellectual properties used in Rare's games, Rare or Nintendo. GamesIndustry report that one of the IPs being fought over could well be that of Perfect Dark itself, Rare's biggest franchise and surely one of the key reasons Microsoft wanted Rare in the first place.

To our untrained eyes, we'd guess that Ninty have little chance of keeping hold of Joanna Dark, suggesting that Nintendo are actually playing a stalling game, determined to spoil Microsoft's party later this month.
I hope they do. Well X02 is tomorrow at Seville.

MS is also set to announce a game called Sudeki (http://www.planetxbox.com/games/screenshots/sudeki) - looks like a Hunter-like game.

Sports Interactive is also suppose to announce a game for xbox.

Thats all I could dig.

Wonder what other surprises will be tolda t X02 tomorrow in Spain.