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09-24-2002, 02:17 PM
this is a review from a staff member at EGM and he seems to have really enjoyed it. i am taking this review lightly as i have been in disagreement with a lot of EGM reviews as of late.

...i miss sushi-x...

The first time you start up Robotech, you're thrown right smack into a dogfight in the skies over Macross Island and the grounded SDF-1 battle fortress. For me, a hardcore fan of the TV series, it was like a dream come true. The missiles were flyin', the planes were transformin' and I was in heaven. The developers did a great job of forcing you to take advantage of your transforming Veritech by giving all three modes distinct strengths and weaknesses. It's not nearly as unwieldy as it sounds, either. By the third mission I was pretty much comfortable with every form of my mech, and knew when to change into what. In fact, the controls in general are great. The only catch is understanding how to use your various abilities the proper way during some missions -- especially ones where you have to protect an ally. I don't have a problem with escort missions in general, but Robotech never makes it clear how you should go about accomplishing your goal, and the key to protecting a target in one sortie won't necessarily work in another. It can get frustrating. Plus, I wish the game included a way to target enemies that aren't in your direct line of sight. It would have cleared up just about every problem I have with Battlecry. In the end, though, the lock-on issue only becomes a pain during a handful of the many missions you'll take on in Robotech, so it doesn't ruin the overall game. Definitely check it out.

10-04-2002, 03:09 PM
thats about it, excapt i found out that if you just hold the missle lock button then move your cross hair in a circle motion or even do a S flip then the lock will go crazy and start targeting pods all around you, well at lease a lock for as many missles you have.

i think this game is awsome and its pretty much the old story in a video game, atleast so far. im only onthe 4th level in the first chapter.

i think the control scheme takes a little getting used to, but what games doesnt. if you like flight games, this should be easier to learn.. oh yeah and yeah its pretty much a dogfight the whole first chapeter if you had a 50+ inch tv and a nice system, this game would be awsome!!

i give robo cry, a 8/10 thats my honest score.
but since its a robotech game honest to the series, 10 / 10 is what ill tell everyone else.

im kinda lazy so if anyone makes robotech sigs, holla at me.!!!

10-04-2002, 10:41 PM
Do you pilot the same VeriTech all the way through the game, do you get the Roy Faulker / Skull and Cross Bones Special? I was just curious. What about the other mechs, Robotech featured a ton of other Battloids that the humans had in the battle with the Zentradi. I'm anxious for this game, I just haven't had time to rent it yet. Do you deal with the SDF-1 at all. Please give me the dirty details. I loved the series when I was a kid. I had all the models and books.
I'm a freak. I know.

10-07-2002, 04:07 AM
me too... tell me all the spoilerz...

oh since both of you are says its good. Ima goona rent it tomorrow... w00t!