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09-24-2002, 06:04 PM
Here they are, from the X02 show yesterday






09-24-2002, 06:10 PM
great pics dre.
looking better and better as time goes by.

i'm sure your aware that the name has officially been changed to fable tho. (yea...i agree it blows)

anyways theirs always some new pics in the new XBN issue...but i don't have a scanner handy.

09-24-2002, 06:17 PM
Originally posted by DZNUTZ
i'm sure your aware that the name has officially been changed to fable tho. (yea...i agree it blows)

Ya I was aware but I completely forgot about it! Ooops :D

I think its going to take a bit of time b4 I remember to just call it Fable. I can't wait for this game though, I really think its going to be one of those extremely rare games that makes you go HOLY SHìT every couple of minutes...

09-24-2002, 06:34 PM
For anyone clueless about what Fable is about, heres the premise of it taken off a website I forgot to take the name of...

The longest journey always starts with one step. When your mother and sister are kidnapped, your first action is to travel across the magical land of Albion to find your father, the famed Hero. But soon you are plunged into a world of danger you couldn’t possibly have imagined. A dark force is gathering. A power to bring evil to every town and village in Albion, and to destroy the fairytale lives of the inhabitants. This evil force has turned the very Heroes into power-crazed, ruthless warriors. Only your father has resisted. That’s why your family has been taken. And that’s why the fate of your family is now in your hands. Oh, and the fate of the entire world.

As you embark on your adventure as a young, callow youth, you’ll learn that something makes you different to all the others. You have a force of Will. During your adventures, you’ll grow up, grow stronger, grow more powerful and eventually grow old. But how you grow is down to you. Use your sword a great deal and your muscles will build. Use ruthless cunning and refuse to care about others and you’ll become evil. Use your force of Will and you’ll become wizardlike and wise. Your character changes according to the way you play.

The mystical world of Albion is immense. Hidden ruins, huge towns, caverns and mountains all exist, and there are hundreds of characters, all growing and interacting, and all with their own artificial intelligence. Even the ones who aren’t human. There is the option to ally with many of these characters, to learn what they know, to help or hinder them, to heal them or hack them to pulp.

You face tasks big and small, perilous and rewarding. And with every step, you decide where you’ll go next, what you’ll face, who you’ll talk to and of course, who will feel the force of your Will or the edge of your sword. The game features innovative control and unparallel freedom. You don’t have to sit through a word of storyline if you don’t want, and you are always free to travel wherever you choose. When and how you tackle the immense, detailed and gripping battle against the forces of evil is always down to you.

Albion is a land of magic and a realm of Heroes. But as it faces the ultimate enemy, are you ready to be the biggest hero of all?

09-24-2002, 07:11 PM
Very cool screens! This game is gonna own! I can't wait...only a few more years to go!:rolleyes: LoL

09-24-2002, 07:14 PM