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11-11-2001, 07:12 AM
Halo again X-boxians: a few Q's i haven't found an A for...

1. If and when MS releases a VGA to AV converter (yes, you could buy any generic brand and I’d work fine as per my understanding) : will there be evidence of interlaced images when viewing on a computer monitor (non-interlaced) ? This can be a rather annoying problem in video editing working on computer hardware/software and the footage must be brought in de-interlaced, or de-interlaced post-capture. Anyone know how this typically works with VGA-AV adapters? Interlaced images are evident when you see horizontal bands in the images, caused by the image to be drawn in 2 separate fields (odd and even, respectively), as TV works, however, unlike monitors for computers.

2. I was rather curious as the nature of the nVidia chip. It’s got FSAA on by default. Is there any mention as to what /kind/ of FSAA is being used? Is it 2x FSAA, 4x, or the GF3 exclusive Quincunx?

3. Also, as a PC gamer tweaking my rig to keep up with recent games, and not spending money on new hardware, I’ve become very aware of resolution, and how it takes performance hits on video cards. The X-box is “a console”, as such it entails that the majority of users will probably be playing on a TV monitor, which, unless you have an oversampled professional model, has a set resolution of 720x480 (NTSC) (PAL is 720x756). However, it boasts resolutions up to HDTV (1920x1080 NTSC). In relative PC gaming experience, one knows that by upping the resolution in a game, the GPU has to work harder to create the essentially, larger and crisper view area. This inevitably means that while everything will look a lot nicer at NTSC resolutions, I’d expect performance hits in the frame-rate department. Anyone have info that might suggest otherwise? I don’t plan on playing on HDTV rez, but I do plan on playing on my comp monitor. I think I read that the X-box will automatically adjust it’s display resolution to your inputted monitor’s demand, so I hope that translates to being able to output 1024x768….???




11-12-2001, 11:52 PM

Anyone have any info on any of this!?




11-13-2001, 01:17 AM
I can't comment on 1 and 3, but they are using the Quincunx AA, at least as far as I know. I have a Geforce3 in my PC using Quincunx and it rocks. I couldn't play games anymore without it. As for question 3, the GPU does work harder at higher resolutions but going from 640x480 to 1024x768 the framerate drop isn't terribly bad. The numbers sound worse than what they really are...Quake3 runs almost 200 FPS at 640x480 on a GF3 but only at around 150 at 1024x768. I really don't think you'll miss those 50 considering you're already at 150.

All in all, considering the GPU in the X is basically a Geforce3, I wouldn't worry too much about dropping framerates. I'm just worried about getting an xbox period :)

11-13-2001, 01:24 AM
How about, instead of crappin on about tecno crap. Just say the Xbox kicks a** and its the best console on earth:)

11-13-2001, 01:47 AM