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09-26-2002, 08:49 AM
The first one suck so lets hope this one will good

XO2, September 2002/… TDK Mediactive Europe, a leading entertainment software publisher announced today that the fun and games are set to commence with the release of 'Shrek®: Super Party™' for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft.

Shrek: Super Party will be the second title to be developed for Xbox based on the blockbuster computer animated comedy smash hit from DreamWorks Pictures.

Heiko tom Felde, Director of TDK Mediactive Europe said: "Visitors to X02 will be able to join in the fun and games with the first European show exclusive of Shrek: Super Party for Xbox. With its movie-like graphics, addictive gameplay, multi-player action and the choice of playing their favourite characters this interactive party game will capture the hearts of all swamp-loving ogre fans."

He added: "Set for a UK release in November just before the Christmas holidays, Shrek: Super Party is sure to bring a festive mood to all social gatherings and be at the top of the Christmas wish-list for all gamers and true Shrek fans."


Movie-like graphics and multi-player action

3 modes including a multiplayer Boardgame, mini-games mode and a quickstart single player mode against the AI.

Multiplayer boardgame features 30 action-packed mini-games including: Barrel Rollers, Dragon's Breath, Brick Bashers, Egg Pen Addict, Castle Crumble, Hidden Treasure, Sewer Rats, Lily Pad Leap and Sticky Tongues

Team-up or battle against up to four opponents to compete and earn drops of bug juice to win the game.

Chose your player from Shrek, Princess Fiona™, Lord Farquaad™, Donkey, Monsieur Hood or Thelonius

09-26-2002, 10:29 AM
I was just reading about this game this morning. My wife and kids love party games and of course the kids loved Shrek (the movie not the game). I hope this one turns out good, because I know it will be in my library, and I'm sure I'll wind up having to play it more than I probably want to.