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09-27-2002, 11:31 AM
:mad: So all you know it alls...unless all 3 games have the same problem, Im very upset that I followed all of you so called gamers advise. I am realtively new and statistics to me are the most important quality in gaming reality. If the stats are'nt real then why play? NFL2K3 looks pretty but its not very realistic when the other teams are racking up 1100 total yds and scoring 60-70 pts per game. I dont care what mode you in. Another annoying factor is that when you play a few games and get some stats under you players belt the players rating should change after you save the franchise or season game. This dont happen either. And finally when you start a new game (again in franchise or season) It shows the each teams offensive and deffensive rankings. Those too should change based on what your really doing with you franchise. Not stay the same cause thats whats programed. REALLY DISAPOINTED you would think technology would have eliminated this annoying problem...Do any of ya know if all the games are like this? And please dont tell me I imagining thins. Jeet

09-27-2002, 11:46 AM
1. Rankings do change throughout the season for teams.

2. Players ratings change from year to year in frnachise mode.

3. 60-70 points? I have never had this happen ONCE and I have been playing on pro mode. I used several different teams to. So I think that is a user issue.

4. Madden is solid in stats as it has always been and is just as good a game as 2k3. So give madden a try. Stay away from that god awful Fever.

Hope that at least gives ya some insight. Personally I think 2k3 is a great sim and gave Madden a run for their money this year. It may topple the great Madden next year. Previous versions of 2k series have not been this good no matter what anyone says. I never cared for Sega's football titles until this year.

09-27-2002, 12:34 PM
Hey CrazyCougar,
Great comeback post!

Hey Jeet,
You got to be joking man. If you was doing the right thing. You wouldn't have this problem. I played 3 franchise now and stat's always change. The other games simulated. You need more practice. Everyone know you're playing the game all wrong. Did you play 15 minute a quarter? It sure sound like it. Go try Madden, much easier to play. This video football, next you'll be looking for the waterboy........................lol. Homie you has problem. Check player manual.