View Full Version : Advertising..........?

10-01-2002, 09:54 AM
Maybe some of you know the answer to this....

But does there seem to be not enough advertising going on for the Xbx or am I not watching enough TV. Especially for the XBL. If this thing was going to launch and is going to be the next big thing, why aren't we seeing commercials of this thing now. Example; Two guys that are playing against each other and they make you think that they are in the same room and then at the end they show that these dudes (or one could be a girl, that would be even better) playing from opposite coasts. Then theres the big XBL at the end.

Plus does it seem when multi-platform games come out and at the end of the commercial you see PS2 in big letters and then at the bottom is this little avatar for the Xbx.

Maybe they are already doing this, and I apologize for my ignorance, but my friends and I don't seem to think there is enough advertising.