View Full Version : Put our questions in the Phantom Crash Interview to Genki!

10-01-2002, 09:38 AM
Ok, found this little snippet at popcultureshock.com. They're doing a contest where we can have our questions put in a Phantom Crash interview to Genki. I already posted my question (Prescott), and I suggest you guys should too. If we don't put our questions up, then chances are, the questions they pick from the guys there on that board will be lame. The link is right here (http://www.popcultureshock.com/news.php?threadid=758).

My question was about whether or not Phantom Crash will be playable online with Xbox Live in this version or a sequel. The PC version is supposed to be playable multiplayer online, so maybe we can get an online one too. What do you guys think, and what kind of questions are you posting?