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10-02-2002, 08:23 PM
Chapter 15, the last chapter. If you have made it this far with out wanting to throw the controller at the wall at least a few times, then your a good player. The last fight/battle with the Mayor, takes place in a boiler room, it's you against him. He's armed with flaming gloves, and you've got just your bare hands to beat him up with.

When you first star the level backup with you back facing the closed door of the bolier room. Stand there and dont move, he will run at you and juts stand there too! He's motionless, take your time punching and kicking him till his energy is about half way down, a cut sequnece then shows him opening up some boiler doors on the other side of the room. Stay with your back against the door, and kick and punch him some more. When is energy is as low as you feel comfortable with, run accross the room to the boiler. Once there postion your sefl so you can throw, punch or kick him into the fire, do what ever it takes to get him in there. Once he's been thrown in and it looks like you've won, you will get a small cut sequnce, but dont put your controller down just yet. He's back for one more fight! This time however he's really softened up, two good hits finally see's the Mother F#$%^ker off.

This game is a good xbox game challenging it perhpas a little too hard. The Save game system used is very old school, perhaps thats why they did it, but to me you should save as you go, not back to chapter start.

Peace Out

10-02-2002, 09:03 PM
man, i am at the beginning of chapter 15, I can't beat that helicopter. There are so many baddies everywhere, that I can never get a clean shot at the helicopter. And when I do, I get attacked and can never find more rocket launchers or shields or health in time.

Any advice on that part is greatly appreciated.


10-02-2002, 09:34 PM
The Start of chapter 15 finds you in the lobby of a hotel, and a GAC helicopter dropping troops. There are two ways to do this, the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is HARD and I mean HARD! You have to get all rocket launchers and slowly pick quick shots off at the chopper while being attacked by 10's of GAC troops.

At the start of the level in the lobby, use the two pillars as shields to the Rocket launching GAC guy on the other side of the lobby, and slowly pick off GAC troops as the rappel down the rope from the chopper. Take out ALLOT of them, so that eventually there is a large amount or Assault rifles lying around on the floor.

Once there's a large amount of rifles, run down the steps towards the water fountain, pick up the Rocket launcher, and blow away the rocket launching GAC on the far side of the lobby.

A soon as he's gone no more troops will drop from the chopper, position your self underneath the chopper and change to first person mode, Arm your self with a assault rifle and slowly shoot at the chopper, use all the weapons make sure you use one weapon at a time so as not to waste bullets.

Don’t advance to far forward in the lobby when gathering weapons, if you do GAC troops will appear from everywhere and you have to do it the hard way. This section takes some times, watch out for the second rocket launcher GAC he often fires at you but rarely hits.

Good luck!