View Full Version : Finished first season.. then DOH!!

10-04-2002, 02:21 AM
Well I finished my first season with the 49ers.

I won the super bowl, went 19-0

2 of my last 3 regular season games I had to come back and win, and a playoff game I had to come back and win, along with the super bowl.

Was down 17-3 to the packers at half time... and won that game
Was down 21-0 to the cards at half time.. and won that game 24 to 21.

in the playoffs I was down 14 to 0 to the Rams at half and came back and won that one.

And I won the super bowl vs the Jets on the last drive to win 35 to 30.

Crazy finish to the season for sure!

So I was fairly excited about that... and had HIGH hopes for the 2nd season......

I simulated the perseason games .. and started my 1st game.. kinda funny the game was vs. the Jets!! LOL

Anyways .. it was a tough game.. I ended up taking the lead with just under 2 minutes to go .. Well the Jets was able to drive the field and kick a FG to win the game... so my 1st lost.. and a VERY disappointing one!!! grrr...

Next I play the Rams.. and what is really funny about that is..

I played the Rams on the last game of the season AND the first game in the playoffs..

So after I play the rams in Week2 , in the last 6 games I will have played the Jets twice, the Rams three times, and the Bucs once (that was the NFC championship game)

I'll have to check, maybe I play the Bucs in Week 3 LOL wouldn't that be some funny crap..

Anyways .. sucks I lost my 1st game in week one of season two.. I had to figure I'd lose eventually.. but I certainly didn't want it to be to the team I beat in the superbowl in the FIRST week of the season :(

10-04-2002, 03:10 AM
I was 3-13 first season and 6-10 second season. Still need some practice.......................lol

10-04-2002, 06:23 PM
I'm very shocked I won every game.. didn't think that would happen.. what I liked is every game was different..

Some games I had 30 runs and 20 passes.. other games I had to pass like 40 times and run 10 or so.. it was pretty cool...

10-05-2002, 01:38 AM
I just finished my first season 4-12 with the Giants. I just barely won my last game with no time left down by 1, I completed a 70 yard TD pass to Amani Toomer. Even with my crappy record I was ranked number 1 overall since my pass/ rush defence were ranked 1 and 3, but I was only 23rd in rush offence. Every game I played was extremely close with me losing by less than a TD at least 7 times. Oh well I gotta keep practicing for when Xbox live comes out.