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10-11-2002, 06:07 AM
Problems with Universal's Rings

from: http://gamespot.com

Some players are encountering game-stopping problems in Universal Interactive's recently released Xbox and GBA Lord of the Rings games. Work-around details inside.

A percentage of those who have purchased Universal Interactive's Lord of the Rings games for the Xbox and Game Boy Advance have encountered game-stopping bugs. The problems came to GameSpot's attention while we were reviewing the games.
The problem in the Xbox game--which causes the game to freeze after the introductory cinematic--has been isolated by Microsoft as a hardware problem that affects just 1 percent of those who play the game. A representative for Universal Interactive said that technical support staff for the publisher and Microsoft are providing the game's owners with a way to work around the problem on a case-by-base basis.

Microsoft's solution to the Xbox cinematic bug is to have users remove the Lord of the Rings game from the hard drive, install three other games, and then reinstall of Lord of the Rings. Another reported solution is to delete the save game file created during the game installation process. The game will then create a new save game file once the game loads correctly and the user saves the game's progress.

The Game Boy Advance game has a problem that's been harder for the publisher to track down. For some gamers, the game repeatedly crashes at the point where the player passes through the door to Moria. The entire QA staff for Universal Interactive and Sierra is said to be working to isolate the error. One way to get around the crash is to use a GameShark code. An alternative solution posted on the game's GameFAQs message board involves saving just before the door to Moria and then turning the GBA off. After turning the GBA back on, the player will be safely past the door. Universal has confirmed that this solution works.

Universal Interactive hasn't been able to determine how widespread the GBA bug is, but internal testing seems to indicate that the European version of the game is not affected. The publisher has plans to use these trouble-free European cartridges to replace defective cartridges, although the European version is still in manufacturing.

By Sam Parker, GameSpot [POSTED: 10/10/02 - 05:18 pm pdt]

I'm glad I waited to pick this up. Eventhough this LoTR game is my pick over the movie EA game. Hope they fix the next batch shipped. Morrowind had bugs also... this is what happens when they rush games out! S-l-o-w i-s b-e-t-t-e-r.

10-11-2002, 08:21 AM
What a bunch of nonsense! Anyone who doesn't own a xbox will read this and think, "Install 3 other games? That's what that darn hard drive is for. You have to install every game?!"

Who let's idiots like this write articles.

10-11-2002, 01:26 PM
It's from Gamespot, they don't know jack, next they will have you pray to Mario to fix your Xbox, and 1% isn't bad, I also Noticed a few weeks ago a New member posting something about LOTR problems, just another Anti-Xbox person spreading rumors, even if they work at Gamespot,