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Welcome to Halo Game Guide
This Guide includes
Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks, COOL TRICKS
and List of Enemies.

This is your Game Guide
Xx J Dub 2k xX

Walkthrough level 1 Pillar of Autumn

Get out of Cryo-Tube by Pressing X.
Follow The man and do What he says.
After you complete your training, you're ready for some real action.
Follow the man, after the man dies by explosion, cross the pipes by pressing A jump over them. Go to the Right door and
go through it. Go through another door.You'll see a fight. Ignore the fight between Aliens and Humans. Just go to another door.
There will be another door, when the door opens you'll see an Alien.You can't fight him.You have no guns! Ignore him, just continue running. Then you'll see a another fight and a Marine. Ignore the fight. Get close to the Marine and do what he says. Follow him. When he stops, go to the right. Now you need to Find Captain Keyes. It's Easy!All you have to do is just to look around in the control room, and you'll find him! When you'll find him he will give you a Pistol.
Go back, Kill 3 Grunts. Then you'll find Marines. Help them in fights.
Its Easy! Continue going till you see 2 Marines. Get Close to them.
An explosion. They will be dead. Then 2 Grunts and 1 Blue Alien will come fight you. Kill them, get Over Shield. Now you're in Great Defense! Keep going till you see a Green Arrow and on the Arrow it says STAIRS. Follow that Green Arrow. Kill the Grunt. Keep going. Keep going until you'll see 3 Marines, go to the left.
Kill the Aliens. Keep going until you'll see a Red Arrow and it says AIRLOCK on it. Follow it. Keep going, sometimes Grunts and Blue guys will try to fight you. Keep going, many Aliens will attack you. Fight them all! Keep going until you see 2 Green Arrows, one on the left side and the other one is on the right side. Take left Green Arrow. Keep going until you'll see Green Arrow that says Stairs on it. Climb all way to the STAIRS. Kill all enemies. Keep going, on your way many Grunts will attack you. Keep going until you find a dead Marine. He has some Rounds and a Health Pack.
Take it. Keep going and you'll see 4 Arrows, 3 Red Arrows and 1 Green Arrow, and you'll also see 3 Grunts, kill them. Go to the end.Wait till you see a Nav point on the screen, follow it, it will lead you to the dark maze. Press White button to get Flashlight on.I tell you how to get out of this Maze. Go to the left, left again, right, left, right, and last one right. You'll see a door with green light on it. That means this door can be open. Go through the door, then you'll see a broken door that can't be opened. Just get close to it, and press B to break the door. Keep going until you get to the fight. Win it. Keep going until you get to the second Maze. it's easy, only with Grunts! Go to the right, kill 2 Grunts, go left, and last one is right, and you get to the door with Green Light. Go through a door get your Assault Rifle out, and prepare for a fight! Winning it should be easy! Keep going, on every way there are going to be a lot of bad guys, just fight them. When you finish your fighting, you'll see a Green Arrow full of blood on the ground. Follow that arrow. Last Easy Maze. Go forward till you see 2 ways to turn. Turn left, right, and last right and a fight! Win it! Go to a door. Level Completed!

Level 2 Halo

Your starting on the land, grab some Ammo and Grenades.
Go Up the Hill, to do that you'll need to cross a bridge.
You'll find the bridge by yourself. Cross it, be careful not to fall.
When you have crossed a bridge, a big Alien Ship will fly over you.
Don't shoot it, it's useless. then go up the hiil. Then 1 or 2 Banshees will try to kill you. Destroy them by using your Assault rifle. It's Easy. Continue going up the hill. Couple of Grunts will try to kill you. Kill them. Continue going until you'll see a Big Alien Ship on the ground. Now you have some real killing to do. You will get into fight. Win the fight. get your ammo. After the fight, you'll see 2 Marines 1 Black guy and the other one is White. Get to them and do what they say. Follow them, then you should see a crashed mini-ship with dead Marines. Grab their Greneads and Ammo. You'll get into a fight, kill all Aliens. Then follow The Marines, the one you just met. There is another Alien Ship, the Ship has guns on it. The Ship also will release Aliens, Try to kill Aliens and dodge the attack from guns on the ship at the same time. Then after this fight, another ship will appear in the air. Look at the Sky and find the ship, after you found the ship follow it. When the Alien ship will land. He will release Aliens and attack,you by his guns.
Remember that you can't hurt the Big Aliens ships. Make sure your gun is reloded. Then after you won second fight. Another ship appears in the air. Do the same thing. Win the 3rd fight.
Make sure you have ammo of your Assault Rifle. If you out of ammo. Use Pistol, or find some more ammo for the Assault Rifle.
The choice is yours. I found ammo at the crashed mni-ship where 2 Marines were dead. You could fill you Assault Rifle There. After the last fight with ship, wait for a Nav point it will lead you to Warthog. Before you drive that thing you should know the controlles. When you get on the Warthog WAIT until you get 1 more Marine on your Warthog. Then go forward, alway down. You'll see a Tunnel Drive in there. Keep driving in the tunnel until, you'll go a little be down then, drive left, fet again and up the ramp, get good speed to jump over the hole. After you cross the hole, continue driving until you'll see aliens. Stop when you'll see Aliens get out from Warthog, go to the right side kill everybody there. Then after you killed bad guys, look around on the right side and you should find a ramp that goes up. I am sure you'll find the rapm. Go up kill an Elite continue walking unti you'll find a swich. Get close to it and press x to activate. A Cut scene should appear. A Light Bridge appears. Get back to the Warthog
cross the light Bridge. Keep driving until you'll get outside.
Drive Alway up, cross a river. Then you'll see a 2 LIGHTS BEAMING
BY BLUE color follow that passage on the Warthog.
When you get there, go out of your Warthog, kill all Aliens. Find dead Marines then, when you find 3 dad Marines you'll see a little building. Get in there on your way some Grunts will appear. When
you get alway down in that building. You'll find 3 surive Marines. Go alway up kill ALL ENEMIES ON THE LAND, OR YOU WILL NOT GO ANY FURTHER. If a women starts talking that means you killed all enemies! Then when she stops a human ship will appear. Follow it. it will take 3 Marines that you found in the building.
After she takes the home. A Nav point should appear. Grab your Warthog and follow the Nav point. When you will drive on your way, a Banshee should appear. Destoy it. Then keep following the Nav point on your Warthog. Drive up the hill and 3 new Marines will appear. Then go down Fkill all enemies and, a enemy ship will apeer. The ship will release some Aliens, kill them.
Then after you killed all enemies in that area, The Human ship Will come and take 3 survivers home! Then go back to the river with, your Warthog. Then a woman will talk. Drive forward, cross a river and you'll find another Light Beaming. Take that passage. When you get there. Go out of your Warthog Kill all enemies find Marines.
they are some around rocks. When you will find them, a enemy ship will appear. Find it in the sky. Then follow it. Then kill all enemies that it's release. Then go back to Marines, follow them.
When you'll get at the hill with them, another enemy ship will appear, and also tons of enemies. Go down take all of them out.
The Marines will help, their sniper rifles are great. They will shoot from the top. When you clear the area. A human ship will come to take the last survivors home. This ship also should take you.
stand near it and press X on the back of the ship. Watch a cut scene. Level completed.

Note... Every day I will add more levels. When the guide completed you can read it. Check General Disscusion every day. Nickname is Leo My E-mail is leonidxbox@hotmail.com

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Cool Dude...
Keep It Upz!:)

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I pity the gamer that needs a walk through guide. Might as well play connect freakin the dots. :rolleyes:

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I pity anybody who acually listens to this "Walk through" . . .

Originally posted by Leo
then go up the hiil. then 1 or 2 Banshees will try to kill you. Destroy them by using your Assault rifle. It's Easy.

LoL assult rifle, the first thing I do is look for a plazma pistol to trade the AR with . . . . AR sucks . . .

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Can I get a Leo to English dictionary, please?

Leo set up us the bomb.

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Can I get a Leo to English dictionary, please?


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