View Full Version : Xbox Update: Tenerezza

10-14-2002, 01:56 PM
Japanese developer AquaPlus has confirmed that their animated RPG 'Tenerezza' is scheduled for release on Microsoft's Xbox on December 19 in Japan. The revelation comes after several months of uncertainty regarding the project which included a temporary halt on development for the Xbox version over the summer. Reportedly, the story of Tenerezza will focus on a group of young characters who go in search of a missing magician. However, they're forced to save a local village when a powerful breed of new monsters emerge. The cast of characters in the finished version will include: Tenerezza, Rollo, Inde, Anna, and Dezzelt. A Windows compatible PC version of the game is also in development, although definitive release plans remain undisclosed. Below are several new screens and development sketches from the Xbox version.