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11-13-2001, 02:09 PM
I know this will sound dumb.

I work at the Best Buy here in town. Well, I come into work today at 8:30AM to get ready for the store to open at 10:00AM. There was this older woman. In a chair sitting outside the store. I really ddin't think anything of it. For we get all these weird people around the store.

We open up at 10:00AM, she doesn't come inside. So myself and another co-worker go outside and ask her what she's doing. She's waiting for the Xbox to go on sale Thursday. She wanted to make sure she was first on in the line. Then come to find out this woman is 72 years old! This Xbox isn't for her grandchildren or great-grandchildren it's for herself. I thought older people were scared of new thing's. I guess I was proven wrong today.

Then she went on to say she was able to pre-order PS2. She said she love's it. Now she want's the Xbox. So the co-worker asked her if she will be back to get the Gamecube. She looked right at him and said "You make me sick, child." I couldn't believe what she said. She said that the Gamecube was just a paperweight that was $200. "7 game's when it come's out. Didn't that Saturn have about the same number? Look at it, didn't even last 6 months." My co-worker didn't know what to say to that.

This woman know's here stuff. This woman is a real gamer. Standing/sitting outside for 2 days. Just for a game system, well *the* game system. That's a real gamer.

11-13-2001, 02:33 PM
man and i tought i was hardcore :D

11-13-2001, 02:48 PM
:eek: Whoa this old lady is awesome!

11-13-2001, 02:49 PM
Okay. I have to go back into work tonight anyway. Something about the Gamecube can be sold to the public now or something on that line.

Also, what question's do you want me to ask her? I don't want to ask all of these question's then not be able to use them. How many do you think I should ask? I don't want to be a jerk be asking so many question's.

l Maximus l
11-13-2001, 03:06 PM
:eek: That lady is my inspiration! Nice!!!!

11-13-2001, 03:53 PM
*sniff* she's my hero...*tear*:D :D

11-13-2001, 04:37 PM
*sniff* granny xbox ill call her

11-13-2001, 05:17 PM
I think I'm in love:rolleyes:

11-13-2001, 07:06 PM
Okay here's what I got. She didn't want her picture taken. Which I didn't fight with her about it. Here's what I got:
JasonXbox: Jean, what do you know about Xbox?

Jean: Well, I do know that the Xbox has a 733Mhz processor. Also, a DVD player, and a internal hard drive, I think it was 8GB, not sure on that though. All I know it's faster than my computer.
JasonXbox: Speaking of the Xbox on it's own. What game's are you looking at getting?

Jean: On the line of game's? I am looking at "Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee". I have the first two on Playstation. I like them both. Why not go with the third? Also, "Halo" no real reason on that. I have seen people on the internet give great review's on the game. I think that's it on the line of game's right now. Maybe "House Of The Dead 3". Also, a memory card, and a second game controller.

JasonXbox: That's more than I am getting. So how long have you been playing consoles Jean?

Jean: Well, for about 20 years now. When my son and his family were over for the summer. He brought his nintendo. Well, he when he and his family left. He left(the nintendo), at my home, hooked up to the TV. I didn't know how to take it off. So it sat, and collected dust.

One day I was dusting and turned it on. So I thought 'What the heck?'. I played it. Took me about 10 minutes to figure it out, how to work it. After that, I was hooked for life. My son never got the system back. I still have it to this day. I still play it.

JasonXbox: On the line of consoles. What consoles do you have?

Jean: Well, I have the nintendo. Also, the Sega Genesis. Nintendo 64, the PlayStation 2, and Sega Dreamcast. I play them all, and Xbox will be one of them.

JasonXbox: How many game's do you have with all your system's?

Jean: I don't know. I would say about 120 or so. Nintendo: 30 game's. Sega Genesis: 25 games. N64: 15 game's. Playstation1 and 2: 26 game's. Dreamcast : 15 game's. I know that's 111, but I have lost game's over the year's. So somewhere between 110 and 120 game's.

JasonXbox: This morning you said you didn't want the Nintendo Gamecube. Can you tell me why?

Jean: I just don't think it will make it. Seven, count them seven titles when the system will come out. It can't play DVD's or even CD's. Who would want that? It's a $200 paperweight.

It's a Sega Saturn waiting to happen. I don't say Dreamcast because they are still making games for that system, right now anyway.

JasonXbox: What if the Nintendo Gamecube make's it?

Jean: Well, if it does make it. More power to nintendo. I will end up getting the system, if it makes it. That's a big "if" though. Right, now none of the game's look good to me.

JasonXbox: I want to thank you for your time. And have a great time with your Xbox.

Jean: Your welcome. And I will have a great time with my Xbox. I know I will.

11-13-2001, 07:16 PM
I hope i become just like her (Except for becoming a girl sorry no offense!):D

Shes a god!

11-13-2001, 07:50 PM
wow....i am 53 an an avid gamer...but xbox granny......the next level...

11-13-2001, 11:20 PM
i want her autograph!!!

11-13-2001, 11:27 PM
I think that she works for OXM. I swear if you could take a picture of her from a far or when she's not looking I know OXM would put your story in their mag as the real Grandma Dixie. OXM readers know what I'm talking about.

11-13-2001, 11:38 PM
lol yeah that would b cool... i think if the real oxm guy asked her for an interview though she would cooperate... they could make the interview a video and put it on next months disk...

11-14-2001, 12:31 AM
Hey JasonXbox smarten the f**k up. I can't believe this. Not the story, it's probably true but the fact that no one has pointed out what a huge **** you are for letting that poor old lady camp outside Best Buy when you work there. Tell here to go home and put an XBox away for her. If for some lame reason you say that you can't do that then go speak with the manager and explain the situation. A dead body on the morning of the 15th isn’t going to help business. I'm an IERT member (SWAT) for a corrections facility and if I were handy to you I'd break my foot off in your ass. I can see the headline now, "XBox kills senior citizen". Now go do the right thing.

11-14-2001, 02:18 AM
Great point CO1. Just grab an Xbox from the back, shove it under the counter and say " just come in on the 15th and we will hand u this". Wouldn"t that be easier, Hell Yeah

11-14-2001, 10:59 AM
It's been taken care of. She will get an Xbox. When the head manager, when he found out why Jean(the woman) was sitting outside. He went and spoke with her about how he didn't feel it was safe for her to be outside untill tomorrow morning.

So he pulled some string's and was able to get one for the officer's that will be on had when the Xbox's go on sale, to make sure nothing bad happen's like with the PS2. To go and pick her up at 6AM tomorrow morning. If there are people in the line. She is first, no matter what these people say. So she is safe and sound at home. I don't think I can up-date anymore on this story for I don't work tomorrow or today. Unless I go down to work tomorrow morning. Which I think I might just to see what it's like for the Xbox.

11-14-2001, 11:14 AM
great story, but I think your full of ****, lol

11-14-2001, 11:46 AM
Nice to see Bill Gates Gran out supporting her little Billyboy's new product! God knows every sale counts! HeHeHe
As for the real world the Gaming Gran is just a fantasy! Alas.