View Full Version : help..wanna buy new game

10-16-2002, 09:52 AM
I want a new game but I don't know what to choose.

I think I will preorder splinter cell from eb, it looks very cool but I'm not sure if it`s the right choice...

help me...any suggestions??

10-16-2002, 10:08 AM
splinter cell is gonna be the best!
the next 2 games i'm getting are gta vice and shenmue 2!
i've been looking forward to shenmue 2 for to long and it's now almost here! :)

10-16-2002, 11:05 AM
I'd get Fatal Frame...If you liked Silent Hill 2.....they say you will love this one. Coming the 29th of Oct.

10-16-2002, 01:44 PM
NFL2k3 is great if you like football!

10-16-2002, 02:23 PM
Try Unreal Championship, Whacked!, Blinx, Brute Force, Deathrow and Splinter Cell. Splinter Cell would be good. If you liked MGS, this should blow you away from the looks of it.

10-16-2002, 04:09 PM
k thx I stick with splinter cell!

public EnEmy406
10-16-2002, 05:21 PM
mechassault, uc, splinter cell well all be good, or get motogp