View Full Version : TimeSplitters 2 After Another Look

10-19-2002, 10:09 AM
Altho I am a HALO addict, the more I play TimeSplitters 2, the more I like it. The "story game" is pretty decent but the multiplayer with bots is VERY GOOD. Instead of just more enemies, increased difficulty adds additional challanges. The higher level you play on, the more of the game you see.

What makes TS2 so damn good is that you can customize just about ANYTHING. In multiplayer, my son and I set up a match where we pick the arena (many choices) pick the weapon set (choosing all our favorite weapons) and even pick which, and how many, bots are going to be in there with us. Set up a time limit or # of kills and go at it.

There seems to be no limit to the number of different scenerios.

The graphics, which I didn't love at first is now one of my favorite things about the game. They are on the same level as a good comic book, with shading. Same goes for the music ... it's detailed and very appropriate for the areana you are in.

I was premature in calling TS2 "not a great game" ... and I'd like to correct that now. TS2 is a great game, and it does deserve to be on the same shelf as HALO, for different reasons.

I'll keep them both in my collection as long as I have an XBOX, and that will be forever.