View Full Version : Xbox catches up in Europe

10-19-2002, 06:36 PM
Well Xbox is still 3rd in sales in Europe but it's catching up. And with the holidays swiftly approaching (ie. XBL, UC< Mech Assault, etc) Xbox should climb the ladder into 2nd place.

Link (http://xbox.totalgames.net/news/newsfull.epml?news.REF=1813&newsFormat.REF=11&newsType.REF=1)

Here's the text incase it gets deleted or something.

Xbox Closes gap on Gamecube
17 October 2002

"After a full week of sales of Super Mario Sunshine, the Nintendo GameCube has made not made the leap forward in sales that Nintendo were hoping for. Nintendo were hoping that the launch of their triple A Mario title would boost hardware sales across Europe and put them way ahead of the Xbox, but Microsoft's console has in fact, closed the gap: in terms of sales, the Xbox was only 21 units behind the Gamecube last week, an improvement of 269 units difference on the previous week. "