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10-20-2002, 08:03 PM
I always were I good fan of the ROCKY movies, so when I got a hand of this game I decide to test it and review it here.

Intro : The 1min10 mpeg2 intro was really well done and inspiring, too bad it seems that they put too much effort here and not enought working on the gameplay.

Storyline : You have 3 game mode, Exhibition, Career (movie mode) and practice. You can unlock exhibition caracters and Arena in the career mode. The career mode is very too linear, I meant they wanted it to be like the rocky movies but it's really not the same ... I meant in Rocky I you're supposed to loose the first fight against Apollo Creed but in the game you must win every fight, even when the cutscenes said you lost.


Visual : Caracters models are very nice, but really under what the xbox is capable to do. The cut-scenes are HORRIBLES (see attachement below) I've took a screen shot from my debug xbox to show you how bad they done the ingame cutscene ... they really should have put movies parts like in the intro, instead they poorly put pre-rendered mpeg2 cutscenes. Also the blood is really awefull (look like PSX texture) ... common guys ... you have high-count poly models, but blood that look like quake1.


Sound : Everybody who saw a rocky movie know how inspiring the music is! In the game the music is very good except it begins to be very repetitive after an hour of playing. During fights, the sound of the crowd is very well done


Gameplay : I really like how your fighter can block himself (4 differents ways), unlike EA's KO2002, you can do bodyhit and combinaisons, but its really too arcade (after 30 min of playing at medium level, my fights didnt last more than 2 minutes). The camera angle is very similar to KO2002. In the career mode, you can choose to : -train yourself (for staminia, power, speed, etc) or if you dont want to you can do the automatic traning (I think this is a really nice feature in boxing games, another thing that wasnt on ko2002)

Fun Factor : If you're a boxing fan, trust me you'll enjoy this title way more than ko kings2002, the career mode is enjoyable while its very linear, if you're hesitating between KO2002 and ROCKY I would suggest you to get rocky, its a bit more arcade but much more fun at the end. If you're not a boxing game fan, don't get this game you'll be very desapointed.


Conclusion : Buy it, rent it ? I think this game deserve to be rent, it's the type of game you'll rent to have fun with friends a couple of nights then return it back when you finished it (the career mode take 4 hours max to complete).

I think it was a good concept but badly executed, visual and gameplay could have been improved easily.

Total : 21/35

10-20-2002, 08:03 PM
cutscene pic

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10-21-2002, 08:24 PM
I have been waiting to see how this game would shape up- 4 hours sounds a bit disappointing to say the least...I'm a huge boxing fan and so far the only boxing games I have really enjoyed were mike tyson's punch out on the nes and super punchout on the snes...I watch boxing all the time..all channels, all bouts..I seem to enjoy the undefeated and top ranking bouts the best though...hopefully we can hear more about this game soon and get some other reactions..thanks for the info for now though :D