View Full Version : XBOX.COM on there E3 plans and what sticks out to me.

05-15-2001, 09:00 AM
Ok here we go,

Wednesday, May 15th


So, what's the price and release date for the Xbox?

Will we see more on Project K-X and other first-party games?

What games is Microsoft hiding?
Should we have really put those crab cakes in our pocket?

10:00 -- Nintendo Press Conference (Skip)

12:00 -- Sony Press Conference (Skip)

6:00 -- Official Xbox Magazine Staff meeting at hotel bar (Short 5 minute meeting)

My thoughts on this day for Microsoft is there coming out and saying to Nintendo & Sony OH so you are going to show up well prepare to DIE. Because we don't care about your little press conferences. That shows BALLS on Microsofts part.

Thursday, May 16th

2: 00 -- Fox Interactive appointment

Cops (Based on the TV show -- Watch for family members)

Simpsons Game (Rumors say it might be a Crazy Taxi-like racing game)

3: 00 -- Interplay appointment

Matrix (May be too early to show, but it's an Xbox exclusive)

Giants: Citizen Kabuto (Side splittingly funny and loads of fun on the PC)

4: 00 -- Check for Cool Independent Games

Robin Hood (Action and strategy mix)

Outlaw Golf (Be careful, people may think you're looking at Panty Raider)

6: 00 -- Get ready for Microsoft party

8: 00 -- Microsoft Party Starts

9: 38 -- Take picture of Microsoft's head of technology Seamus Blackely drinking directly out of punchbowl

My thoughts on this day for Microsoft is the games above should be very cool. And I can't wait for Robin Hood I loved that game years ago.

Friday, May 17th
8:30 -- Hit Snooze Button
9:55 -- Wake up panicked

10:00 -- Conspiracy appointment

Enclave (Looks fantastic so far!)

1:00 -- Infogrames appointment

Superman (Hopefully not even related to the Nintendo disaster)

Test Drive (Real cars -- looks cool)

NASCAR Heat (May get a huge push at E3)

Unreal Xbox (May be a special Xbox version)

2:00 -- Sega appointment

Panzer Dragoon (Great fun on the Saturn)

Sega GT (Hyper-realistic racing)

More? (Sega is rumored to have some huge exclusives up its sleeves. NFL 2K? Sonic? We'll find out)

3:00 -- Midway appointment

NHL Hitz (Ditto)

5:00 -- Eidos appointment

Tomb Raider? (Could be as 'real' as Angelina Jolie's lips)

5:00 -- Konami appointment

Metal Gear Solid X
Metal Gear Solid X
Metal Gear Solid X
Metal Gear Solid X (We really want to see this game)

Silent Hill 2 (Hold someone's hand during this game demo... it's scary)

Air Force Delta Storm 2 (Stunning flight game with amazing replay mode)

My thoughts on this day for Microsoft is the games above should be AWESOME on the XBOX.

Saturday, May 18th
11:00 -- Tecmo appointment

Dead or Alive 3 (Could be the best fighting game on any system anywhere)

1:00 -- Lucasarts appointment

Star Wars: Starfighter (Should have a better frame rate than the PS2)

Star Wars: Obi Wan (Will it be better than it originally looked?)

2:00 -- Electronic Arts appointment

SSX (would that be SSX-X? Just wondering)

NASCAR (Cars go round in circles)

3:00 -- Sierra appointment

Half-Life 2 (Xbox only? Wishful thinking, but who knows)

Lord of the Rings (We've heard Xbox exclusive rumors, can it be true?)

4:00 -- Nvidia appointment (Say thanks for the incredible Xbox GPU!)

9:30 -- Arrive home (Preorder Xbox for the 37th time.)

My thoughts on this day for Microsoft is the games above Yes HALF-LIFE 2 I want that game and I would like to thank Nvidia also OH and Microsoft for making the XBOX for us.

I can't wait for E3 on TECH TV