View Full Version : Waiting for Seablade

Rubber Chicken
10-22-2002, 04:58 PM
Just got an XBox (finally :cool: ) and have been looking for some games. Saw Seablade at E3 and was hoping it was out by now, but see it's delayed. I'm really excited about it! I've seen the official site and some previews.

Wonder if someone might be able to point me to more recent ones?

Afro Aura
10-22-2002, 10:03 PM
is this game online?

saw the movie on my OXM disk 12 and it looked a bit jerky, I just hope they sort out this problem before it gets release

Rubber Chicken
11-21-2002, 01:27 PM
It's not online or for XBox live, but it is as much fun multi-player as it is to do the missions alone. Not jerky at all. We're having a blast with it!

11-21-2002, 01:37 PM
Ofcourse you will want to try and get xbox live. Here is a list of games you might want to check out.

Ofcourse the one everyone seems to love, Halo.
The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, Unreal Championship, Tom Clancy's: SplinterCell, Mech Assault, Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon, MotoGP, Whacked!, Amped, Transworld Snowboarding, Enclave, Project Gotham Racing, Serious Sam, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Thing, BloodRayne, Time Splitters 2, Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, Blinx: The Time Sweeper, DeathRow, Hitman 2, Max Payne, Oddworld Munches Oddysee.

There are tons of other games out there that may interest you as well.