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Professor Kaos
10-24-2002, 03:52 PM
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Platform: Xbox
Game Type: Motocross
Developer: PC Power & Light
Publisher: THQ
Release Date: Q4 2002

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MX Superfly (Xbox)
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Multiplatform games can be both a blessing and a curse. If you're an optimist, then you probably appreciate the fact that a multiplatform game release is available to the widest number of players. If you're one of those glass-half-empty people, then you likely abhor the fact that many multiplatform releases get "dumbed down" to the level of the weakest platform, thus failing to take advantage of the technical muscle of the more powerful machines. Me, I lean towards the latter camp. If I pay for an Xbox, then I expect Xbox quality from the games I purchase. Simple enough, right?

The folks behind the upcoming Xbox version of MX Superfly seem to agree. Despite prior appearances on PlayStation 2 and GameCube, the Xbox version of MX Superfly will feature a number of nips, tucks, and general improvements that will make it the definitive version of the game.

Nips and Tucks

As you'd expect, a lot of the upgrades are of a graphical nature. For starters, Pacific Coast Power & Light (PCPL) has gone through and added literally thousands of polygons to the game's tracks, smoothing out the ground geometry to make for a less angular and more realistic look and feel. Not stopping there, the developers also incorporated a new shadow mapping technique. Now every rider, hill, wall and other object in the game world casts its own realistic shadow. As a result, riders' shadows glide smoothly across the ground, while the little pits and gullys in each track jump out with increased clarity.

PCPL has also implemented environmental mapping effects on the riders' bikes and helmets (in English: reflections), and re-done many textures to have greater detail and color depth. I really wish more companies would do this, particularly for Xbox ports. However, I do have at least one graphical niggle, and that's that the framerate still only hovers around 30 fps. While the game definitely looks better than its two prior incarnations, it still doesn't look so good that it shouldn't be running at 60 fps on the powerful Xbox hardware. Ah well, just a pet peeve of mine.

In any case, the changes aren't limited to the graphics. The most unusual addition is a modicum of Xbox Live support. No, the game won't support online play (dang). You will, however, be able to go online and download nine bonus characters (and their associated bikes), as well as special software "keys" that will unlock two never-before-seen bonus tracks. When asked about the possibility of future downloadables, Executive Producer Dennis Harper said "We'd like to offer more in the future but we don't have anything in the hopper right now." Fair enough. You can also look forward to other Xbox-specific bonuses like near-unlimited save space in the track editor and the ability to play your own audio files during the game. Who ever said that hard drive was useless?

Last But Definitely Not Least

How high can you go? Of course, every element you liked in the previous versions of MX Superfly is also present and accounted for, including two full career modes (Racing and Freestyle) and all the biggest and best riders in the sport. If you're a motocross fan who's not yet taken the plunge on the PS2 or Cube version, MX Superfly for the Xbox is one very compelling package. I really appreciate that the developers have gone out of their way to enhance the Xbox version. If more dev houses would take the time to do this, this industry would definitely be just a little bit more interesting. •

its almost here ;)

11-05-2002, 02:29 PM
I was gonna pass on this game cause I bought mx2002...which I thought was a bit lame..especially since I ride MX...and the game just didn't capture it to well..still fun though...anyway with all the changes you mentioned and after lookin at the updated screenshots I'm gonna have to pick this up...thanks for the update playya